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Featured Collection: Singing Sands in colorway Canyon


Architectural Digest: Born to be Wild, The Future Perfect Builds the Ultimate Nursery

The Future Perfect Builds the Ultimate Nursery for one Design-Savvy Infant

David Alhadeff, founder of the contemporary design mecca The Future Perfect, and his husband, creative director Jason Duzansky, remember the moment they learned that their plans to adopt a child were coming to fruition.

They were in the middle of renovating the stately 1916 Hollywood Hills house, once inhabited by movie producer Samuel Goldwyn, that would become their new Los Angeles home as well as the gallery’s latest boffo LA incarnation. “There was plaster hanging off the walls and ceilings, and exposed electrical conduits everywhere.” Alhadeff recalls.

“Even before he was born, Leo announced in a very strong way that our lives would no longer be on our schedule but his.”

With a quick pivot, the couple transformed one of the house’s many rooms into a high-design nursery chockablock with effervescent colors, textures, and forms. The first piece they selected was a signature Campana Brothers stuffed-animal chair. “The Campanas are not part of The Future Perfect program, but we wanted the nursery to celebrate fun, creativity, and curiosity. It’s hard to imagine a single object that encapsulates those qualities better,” says the gallery maestro. They proceeded to wrap the space in a luminous Calico Wallpaper vinyl wall covering (the baby food just washes right off!), and surrounded the Campana chair with a host of similarly jolly furnishings: a Gaetano Pesce leaf-form resin shelf; a Chris Wolston aluminum-palm-frond chandelier; patchwork curtains by Thompson Street Studio; and, for good measure, a life-size emu plushie. The play table and chairs were gifts from designer Piet Hein Eek, one of the all-stars on The Future Perfect’s roster.

“If you look at Pinterest and other social media, a lot of what’s going on in nursery design feels very spare and traditional-lots of dove gray, Shaker- inspired furniture, rocking chairs, and floral papers,” Alhadeff says. “I wanted to create a space that feels wild and fun, which is what I think childhood should be.”


Featured Collection: Aura in colorway Mani

Article by: Mayer Rus

Inside Interior Design’s Day 1 Edition of NeoCon ShowDaily

Presenting the 2023 HiP Awards

Day 1 of Interior Design‘s NeoCon ShowDaily is here! With a new issue produced each day by our on-site editors inside the DesignScene lounge by SANDOW during NeoCon, the industry’s premier commercial design show at THE MART in Chicago, ShowDaily spotlights the latest trends and hottest showrooms, as well as conversations with industry innovators. In this issue, see who’s part of the NeoCon keynote series and glimpse eye-catching pieces like Swell, a wavy entryway accent designed by Brooklyn-based Anna Dawson. From office furniture that blends seamlessly into hospitality settings to textiles with surprising patterns and colors, Day 1 of Interior Design‘s NeoCon ShowDaily has you covered.


Featured Collection Winner: Lyric in colorway Atrium

Congratulations to the other Winners!


ELLE Decoration Dare Devil Design

For many of us right now, we find ourselves still in the midst of the summer hiatus; the weather is warm, the beach still calls and the holidays aren’t quite over. Yet here at ELLE Decoration, we’re already getting ready for, and excited about, what the French call la rentrée – that heady moment at the start of September when things restart, post-break. It’s then, hopefully feeling relaxed and refreshed, that we can tackle life with renewed energy and enthusiasm, embrace new projects and focus on what the rest of the year has in store.

This seems the perfect opportunity to celebrate what we’re calling ‘daredevil design’, the work of the world’s most exciting creatives and collaborators who refuse to stay in their lane, constantly pushing boundaries and innovating as they go.

First seen at this year’s NYCxDesign exhibition, where it was on display as part of an immersive installation with Stellar Works and Sony, this wallpaper by Calico is inspired by the bucolic landscape of the northern-California coast.

Designer Jason Miller is the brains behind the botanical pattern of ‘Verdure, which is a hassle-free alternative to a real living wall. It combines abstract petal shapes with hand-painted metallic elements to form a curiously tactile surface. From approx £395 per sq m (

Whatever is exciting you as you head into the autumn, embrace the wave of change and a new reframing of the future. Trust us, it’s bright, bold and, in the months to come, it’s going to make the world a very interesting place to be. I, for one, cannot wait!


Featured Collection: Verdure

Article by: BEN SPRIGGS

Calico Wallpaper Launches New “Kaleidoscope” Collection

Calico Wallpaper has done it again with the release of “Kaleidoscope,” a bespoke wallpaper collection inspired by Paul Cézanne’s gorgeous landscapes.

Reminiscent of Paul Cézanne’s hugely influential modern paintings of prismatic topography that resemble the patterns inside of a kaleidoscope, the collection’s prints bring the outdoors inside of your home. Loose, evocative lines combine to form a wash of patchwork colors across the wall for a striking yet understated finish that doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Touches of vibrant hues provide interest while sweeping brush strokes and color reminiscent of sunshine evoke perpetual motion throughout the wallpaper.

“Kaleidoscope explores how a simple shift of perspective can capture the ever-changing nature of our surroundings,” says Rachel Cope, co-founder and creative director of Calico Wallpaper. “The wallpaper delves into the elusive outlines of a dreamlike scenery highlighting the dynamic spark that is at the heart of all living things.”

Available in eight colorways, Adapt, Balance, Cascade, Emerge, Propel, Renew, Sustain and Transform, the collection can elevate nearly any space. We particularly love Adapt’s mix of beige and blue tones and Balance’s warm, buttery hues. As is true of all Calico Wallpaper collections, “Kaleidoscope” was crafted using original artwork and can be translated into custom-fit murals for a client’s individual project and space.

Article by: Chandler Presson


The beauty of nature inspires new Calico Wallpaper collection

Calico Wallpaper is launching its new collection, Verdure, with guest designer Jason Miller.

Verdure is a hand-painted watercolor collection inspired by the landscapes of Northern California, such as the seaside cliffs and the redwood forests.

The new collection brings nature indoors with an immersive design of abstract botanical shapes that create a living, textural surface, according to Brooklyn-native Miller, who founded the Roll & Hill studio.

“I am inspired by nature’s relentless thoroughness,” said Miller. “In the temperate rainforests of California for example, every inch is covered with the largest trees on earth, the tiniest succulent ground cover and everything in between. This is the inspiration behind Verdure.”

Miller said the collection’s unique pattern is created by leaf forms overlapping one another, as if woven by nature.

Verdure is available in eight colorways: Aster, Dogwood, Pansy, Phlox, Sawgrass, Sorrel, Spruce and Yarrow.

The Calico Wallpaper team employs advanced technologies to translate its designs into custom-fit murals that are tailored to a client’s project and space.

Collection Feature: Verdure

Article by: Anne Flynn Wear

Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York 2023: See Every Room Inside the Historic Upper West Side Mansion

Twenty-two designers and architects have beautifully reimagined the Upper West Side’s historic River Mansion.

Today, following a three-year hiatus, the Kips Bay Decorator Show House New York is back—and this year’s 22 participating designers and architects have contrived five floors of compelling interiors that were well worth the wait.

Through June 6, the historic River Mansion, a beaux arts townhouse overlooking Riverside Park and the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, will be open to the public to tour some 10,000 square feet of newly reimagined interiors. Inside, design pros share the creative musings and experimental ideas exciting them right now—from a shell grotto-esque retreat to a rococo Candyland. It’s all in an effort to raise funds for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and its enrichment programs, for which the show house has raised more than $28 million to date.

Interior Design by Clint Smith, Lillian Wu and Sasha Bikoff

Wallpaper shown: Scenic in Color way Lawn, Inverted Spaces in Color way Corona and Atmosphere in Custom.

Luxe Interiors + Design: Circles Shape The Look Of A Midcentury Modern Long Island Gem

When it comes to bringing work home, Cara Woodhouse is clearly having a ball. Designing for clients certainly taps her creativity, but a full renovation of the modernist Long Island ranch that she and her young family call home gave the New York-based designer leeway to throw whatever curves she wanted—and there were lots.

The primary bedroom is luxurious and peaceful, with hints of funk in the drip-like Calico Wallpaper wallcovering and curvy shapes of the Woodhouse-designed bed and Pablo table lamps. A contemporary Entler Studio chandelier is softened by the layered textures of Matouk bedding.

Wallcovering Shown: Satori in custom color


By: Stephanie Hunt

Photography: Brian Wetzel

Interior Design: Cara Woodhouse

Modern Luxury Manhattan: This Manhasset Project By Designer Hilary Matt Is Total Eye Candy

Interior Designer Hilary Matt focused on layering design throughout the home, beginning with the wallcoverings, then slowly expanding throughout the space by adding in additional textures.

“We went through the house and pinpointed which areas we wanted to be ‘bold’ and ‘wow’ spaces, and then which spaces we wanted to be more neutral and calming,” she says. “This really helped us choose the direction of each space and have a goal for the feeling of each one.”

The home office features Calico Wallpaper Eden in Mulberry designed in collaboration with Lindsey Adelman.

By: Matthew Fiorentino

Photography: Rikki Snyder

Interior Design: This Cafe in Brooklyn Serves Up Sweet Treats in a Setting Inspired by the Setting Sun

“To me, the most surprising element of the space is the interplay between the representation of the sun setting against the evening sky through an arched opening and twilight wallpaper, and the placement of the lighting pendants over the bar as the sun path,” shares Ly. The team’s lighting design partner, Sighte Studio, brought to life the sun path using fixtures that curve and gradually drop toward the horizon line along the back wall, adding what Ly calls “a thoughtful layer of meaning, in a simple, singular move.” We predict the sun won’t set on this sweet spot anytime soon.

By: Carlene Olsen

Photography: Reid Rolls Photography


Architectural Digest: Designer Kelly Behun and Calico Wallpaper Launch a New Luminous Collection

Inspired by light and shadow, the AD100 designer delves into a new medium.

“We all know firsthand how light affects us,” reflects Kelly Behun, who has investigated the delicate dance between sun and shadow in interiors and products alike. The AD100 designer’s latest collections, created in collaboration with Calico Wallpaper, continue that exploration while culling her own life experience. The Sylvan pattern evokes childhood recollections of tall birch trees casting long shadows on the snowy slopes of Pennsylvania, where she grew up skiing. The Bask motif, on the other hand, depicts light filtering through slatted structures, raising the feeling of basking in the sun. Both feature a range of warm tones to showcase the therapeutic and mood-elevating capacities of color. “It’s a high bar to come up with patterns that make a statement and conjure an emotion when you walk into a room,” says Behun, who observes a seemingly aural sensation in spaces that work. “I want people to feel that almost vibration that happens.”

Design Milk: Kelly Behun Adds a Dance of Landscape, Light, and Shadow to Wallpaper

If ever there was a vantage point to watch how light changes throughout the span of the day, month, or year, it would from designer Kelly Behun’s New York City apartment (see it here). Behun brings her unique vision to a new perspective through a collaboration with Calico WallpaperSylvan is a hand-painted landscape reflecting shadows that cast around abstracted trees on snowy mountains. The pattern captures a moment in time, bringing together landscape, light, and shadow. Each of the eight colorways evokes a hypnotic effect, much like how it is watching light play around you as the day passes on and the sun moves west.

By Caroline Williamson

Surface: This Wallpaper Captures Light and Shadow’s Hypnotic Dance

Calico Wallpaper has always aimed to move art beyond the frame and into everyday spaces through vibrant custom-fit murals tailored to each interior. Even though Rachel Cope, who co-founded the Brooklyn-based brand with her husband, Nick, is an artist herself, the duo often brings other talents into the fold. (Previous collaborators: Faye ToogoodMeyer DavisSabine MarcelisIni Archibong, and even their daughter, Willow.) The latest is Kelly Behun, the lauded interior designer who, through a hands-on approach, devises artful yet inviting interiors layered with vintage design classics, collectible one-offs, and no shortage of sunlight.


By Ryan Waddoups

Interior Design: Fall Market Tabloid – Tableau

Photographs the AB Concept Ed Ng cofounder took of Karuizawa, in the Japanese Alps, were translated into wallpaper using various painting techniques that capture the landscape’s dreamy light and color.

Architectural Digest: 10 Design Collabs We’re Loving Right Now

It was serendipitous, really. Rachel Cope, cofounder of Calico Wallpaper, was toying with the idea of a scenic panorama—a departure from the maker’s largely abstract and painterly collections—when an undulating forest scene on Instagram stopped her mid-scroll. Posted by Ed Ng—founder of international design and architecture firm AB Concept—the snow-capped terrain (which happens to be the view from Ng’s back porch in Karuizawa, Japan) was calling for a large-scale canvas. Lightly reinterpreted with varied perspectives and artisan finishes, the coniferous sight now dons the Tableau wallpaper, available in 8 colors allusive of the changing seasons in the Japanese Alps.

Galerie: The Artful Life: 5 Things Galerie Editors Love This Week

Among Calico‘s impressive range of decorative wall coverings are numerous designs that find inspiration in art—from Glow, which translates Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell’s ethereal light installations into an otherworldly layer of translucent forms, to Reverie, an expressive pattern of painterly swashes by founders Nick and Rachel Cope’s young daughter, Willow. The brand has even directly rendered works by Fernando Mastrangelo and Daniel Arsham into wallpapers. For their latest pattern, Gesture, the designers looked to the bold paintings of Robert Motherwell and Jackson Pollock.

By Jill Sieracki

AN Interior: Wallcoverings

Perhaps the most prevalent combination of art and
architecture, wallcoverings provide a unique opportunity for
these two disciplines to intersect. As architects put up walls
to achieve a certain spatial experience, artful and carefully
selected wallcoverings serve as a powerful tool in adding
further depth and poignancy. Color, texture, and pattern
are just a few of the unique features you’ll notice in these
latest wallcovering products from a group of established
manufacturers as well as new faces in the industry. We’ve
even included a number of collaborations with artists who
work in a variety of fields—fashion, set design, drawing, and

By Sophie Aliece Hollis

Curbed: Bunny Heaven in Williamsburg

Rachel Nuwer and Paul Dix’s rooftop garden is home to bees, trees, crickets, and gamboling rabbit friends.


By Wendy Goodman

Photographs by Christian Torres


Featuring Oceania Siren, Microcosmos Crest, and Topographies Winter

CNN Style: Post-pandemic home design trends reflect a need for more fluidity and nature

After a year off due to the pandemic and a scaled-down iteration in September 2021, Milan’s Salone del Mobile — the international design fair that’s been held annually since 1961 — was back in full force last week. Beyond the trade show itself, which was packed with household names in the world of interiors, the Fuorisalone saw young creatives and smaller brands take over galleries, abandoned spaces and art hubs across the city with shows and installations, proposing new ideas for what our homes of tomorrow might look like.

Written by Marianna Cerini, CNN

Curbed: What Wendy Goodman Loved at This Year’s Milan Furniture Fair

The Milan Furniture Fair (or Salone Internationale del Mobile) rebounded in a big way after two years that included a downsized show in September and a canceled one in 2020. The event usually takes place in April, but Salone president Maria Porro pushed the comeback to June, which resulted in even more anticipation for the design world’s biggest exhibition. Here are some standouts I saw at the sprawling, citywide showcase.

By Wendy Goodman

Interior Design: In Shape: Spring Market Tabloid

Calico Wallpaper

The New York-based wallpaper outfit founded by Rachel and Nick Cope has long been inspired by global art practices, including traditional ones from Japan and Turkey. Their newest endeavor, Glow, is inspired by artists closer to home-including Light and Space legend (and California native) James Turrell. Squint and you can see vast fields of pale-colored bands gracing the wallpaper designs. Six colorways include the pink-tinted Flame and the gray-and-mauve Gleam, as well as Lumen, Flume, Crosslight, and Blend. The product was created by experimenting with collage, mixing vellum and translucent Lucite, to create a distinctive and welcoming play of light and pattern.

Spring Market Tabloid (Print) — May 31, 2022

ELLE Decor: Whimsical Wallpaper is Making a Comeback. Are You Ready?

Thanks to digital printing, full-scale wall murals are now almost as accessible as the repeating patterns of yore.  Calico Wallpaper, for instance, creates artful, abstract motifs rich with atmosphere that never repeat.  The company’s latest introductions include designs resembling supersize wood grain, paintbrush strokes, and free-form paper cutouts as well as washes of color evoking gauzy clouds and electric sunsets.

Domino: Rainbow Rooms: Jessica Ayromloo’s Venice California Project

In the context of the Venice canal area—which is known for its anything-goes fashion scene, graffiti art, and quirky architecture (their neighbor’s facade has dog heads painted on it)—saturating the former beige and gray space in expressive shades of turquoise, pink, and green just made sense. Plus the homeowner, a former artist, has an unwavering opinion about the value of color. “It really has to satisfy my emotional palette,” she says.

That fascination with “odd” chromatic combinations stems from her artist days: Many of her hard-edge paintings, which can be found throughout the house, were grounds for experimentation. And so covering the stairs and kitchen walls in Calico’s gradient Aurora wallpaper turned the space into something special.

The same treatment makes an appearance in the main bedroom, this time in a wispy blue version that speaks to the aqua headboard (the bespoke tufted piece was inspired by the equally chunky sofa downstairs). Yellow was a natural jumping-off point from there, but Ayromloo still felt like the room needed a third hue. “Pink came into the picture because it just softened everything up,” she says. “Why throw in something muted when all the other rooms are so saturated?”

AN Interior: Better Together: Calico Wallpaper and Stellar Works co-retail in New York’s storied Pearl Paint building

Many months in the making, the new flagship of Stellar Works and Calico Wallpaper outpost has opened in the historic Tribeca building once occupied by the beloved, long-defunct Pearl Paint art supply store. Both illustrious design brands—often grabbing headlines with their dynamic wares—decided to join forces late last year and adopt the now popular co-retail model. The mutual benefits of this approach are wide-reaching, especially in the post-pandemic climate. While Calico Wallpaper continues to produce sought-after hand-painted collections, Stellar Works’s high-profile collaborations grow its already robust offering of well-crafted, soberly-styled furniture and lighting. Transforming 4,000 square feet of post-industrial Italianate storefront was a labor of love.
Images by Matthew Williams

Design Milk: Designer Desktop Wallpaper September 2021

This month’s Designer Desktop is a collaboration between long time favorite Calico Wallpaper and their guest, French designer Sam Baron. Titled Noir, the new wallpaper design is an exploration in refined restraint and essential materials. Paper, paint and brush were the only tools used in the creation of Noir, resulting in the detailed broad brushstrokes that characterize the collection. Noir is also inspired by French artist Pierre Soulages and his famous “Outrenoir” style that highlights the endless depth that the color black produces, which the artist sees “both as a color and a non-color. When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens a mental field all on its own.”

Featuring Noir in Velvet

Surface: New and Notable September 2021

Following their moody Noir collection, the Brooklyn-based wallpaper brand chronicles the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing sky in its latest launch titled Atmosphere. The eight-part series channels atmospheric clouds and abstracts their hues into a medley of hand-painted scenes that take inspiration from the amorous works of artist J.M.W. Turner.

Featuring our Atmosphere collection

Design Milk: Calico Wallpaper Enlists Top Designers for New Gradient Collection

Calico Wallpaper unveiled a new collection of one-of-a-kind wallcoverings called Dawn designed in collaboration with top designers. Nick and Rachel Cope, co-founders of Calico Wallpaper, enlisted Ini Archibong, Sabine Marcelis, Dimorestudio and Neri&Hu to expand their signature collection, Aurora, with a series of gradient designs that aim to inspire hope and optimism during these challenging times.

New York Times Style Magazine: Colorful Wallpaper Inspired by the Horizon

When Calico Wallpaper founders Rachel and Nick Cope designed their Aurora collection, consisting of 16 different multicolored ombrés, in 2013, they drew on memories of the various horizons they’d seen on their extensive travels — from seascapes in Tulum to sunsets in Tuscany. Stuck in their New York home last year, the couple found a new way to bring a global perspective to their work: They invited four international design studios to craft their own Aurora prints, each one just as personal as the originals. Heart and Scallop Motifs Set the Scene at This New L.A. Restaurant

“When designing clothes, you always think about the space the person would be in,” says Humberto Leon, cofounder of cult fashion brand Opening Ceremony and former creative director of Kenzo. With his latest venture, a Peruvian-Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles named Chifa after the popular fusion food, he’s realized that space. And, oh, what a world it is: From heart-shaped windows to zebra-print wallpaper to scalloped tables and wavy flatware, his cool, colorful stamp is everywhere…”


Our Heartwood Collection, made in collaboration with Humberto Leon, is featured in the photos above wrapping the entire restaurant in a custom color.

Photography by Jarod Wang

Elle Decor Italy: Via Maroncelli Turns into a Design Journey from The United States to Brazil

During the 2019 Fuorisalone, a series of showrooms and pop-up exhibitions awaken the usually silent via Maroncelli, a few steps from the Feltrinelli Foundation. Among wallpapers with oversize feminine motifs, sculptural lights and furniture signed by Brazilian masters, here is a series of projects for which it is worth visiting this corner near the Brera Design District.

The second collaboration between Faye Toogood and Calico Wallpaper – a company based in Brooklyn (New York) specializing in fine wallpapers – gave birth to Muse (photo above), a fresh and spontaneous wall covering. The aesthetic and the distinctive color palette of the British designer animate a series of female silhouettes, each different from the other, which intertwine and dance on the walls of the space in Via Maroncelli 7, open on an inner courtyard. Founded in 2013 by Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper has developed a technique that allows the company to customize and apply Muse to any environment.

In the room adjacent to Calico there is the Still / Life exhibition created by the American lighting company Ladies & Gentlemen, in collaboration with MUD Australia, a Sydney-based brand specializing in ceramics. The long friendship and the shared aesthetic and design approach have led the two companies to jointly present their respective collections in a welcoming setting imagined by Jean Lee, co-founder of Ladies & Gentlemen. The delicate and sinuous curves of the Myrna series of lamps (the name is a tribute to the American Actress Myrna Loy, NDR) dialogue with the delicate porcelain collections of MUD Australia, handcrafted in a range of soft and opaque colors.

The Art Newspaper: In Pictures: must-see works at Design Miami

The New York-based gallery Friedman Benda’s stand is a zen-like space in the middle of the bustling fair. Fluttering marbled fabric, designed by Calico Wallpaper, encloses a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese rock garden.

Introducing Cope: Uniquely designed textiles and home goods

Rachel & Nick Cope, co-founders of Calico Wallpaper are excited to announce the launch of their new sister company Cope – a new brand of textiles. Under the family name of its founders, Cope represents a unique vision for the world of soft goods. The brand draws inspiration from nature, science, and the arts to bring unique expressions of essential forms into the home. Celebrating the creative process of art-making, Cope explores the past and preset. Looking through a lens of curiosity, experimentation with both technique and gesture brings the shape and pattern to life that comes out of this process.

Pillows, textile yardage, and samples are now available for purchase via the Cope website. All of our products are printed on a variation of 100% linen that has been made from flax sourced exclusively from the Flanders region or greater Europe. We are proud to have all of our design, printing, and finishing done in the United States.