October 18, 2023

Sight Unseen: Cody Hoyt Presents Tesserae in Bloom at The Future Perfect

Tesserae in Bloom, the mesmerizing show by artist Cody Hoyt at The Future Perfect in New York, is named for the tiles used to form mosaics and the exhibition really does seem to bloom and unfurl and draw you in deeper. These works – ceramic vessels, a console, stools, a table, a chair, and a wall piece – play with perspective, perception, and dimensionality through form, compression, pattern, and layering. As does the backdrop for these 3D objects: a plane of botanical wallpaper that Hoyt, who has a background in printmaking, designed in collaboration with Calico. On view through the end of this year. (More on that project coming soon.)


Photos by Joe Kramm

Article by by Deborah Shapiro