• General Manager


    The General Manager will be responsible for day-to-day operations, business development, overseeing the growth, managing production, HR, finance, legal.



    • Responsible for maintaining a productive and motivated workforce sufficient to handle the demands of daily operations and growth strategy of the firm – hiring, mentoring, training and resolving issues of all company personnel.

    Manages the development of Calico Wallpaper’s collections to ensure timely delivery of our new collections. Oversees employee workflow through effective time-management and efficient allocation of resources.

    Coordinates with the sales team to ensure Calico Wallpaper achieves monthly sales targets.

    Meets with managers individually to develop quarterly and annual financial and strategic goals and objectives; and to review performance versus budgets/goals.

    • Identify more effective and efficient approaches to operations and processes throughout the organization.

    Oversee all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission.

    Review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvements.

    Liaise with external finance, accounting & legal teams.



    8+ years of experience in a relevant role.

    Experience managing and growing a team.

    • A strong ability to translate loose creative thoughts into concrete plans and descriptions.

    • A visionary thinker.

    • Extensive knowledge of the design industry and market conditions.

    • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    • Strong public presence and professional image.

    • Exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills.

    • Strong business and financial acumen.

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