April 19, 2023

Modern Luxury Manhattan: This Manhasset Project By Designer Hilary Matt Is Total Eye Candy

Calico Wallpaper Gold Floral
Neutral Living Room
Neutral Dining Room
Calico Wallpaper Gold Floral
Make Up Vanity
Neutral Master Bedroom

Interior Designer Hilary Matt focused on layering design throughout the home, beginning with the wallcoverings, then slowly expanding throughout the space by adding in additional textures.

“We went through the house and pinpointed which areas we wanted to be ‘bold’ and ‘wow’ spaces, and then which spaces we wanted to be more neutral and calming,” she says. “This really helped us choose the direction of each space and have a goal for the feeling of each one.”

The home office features Calico Wallpaper Eden in Mulberry designed in collaboration with Lindsey Adelman.

By: Matthew Fiorentino

Photography: Rikki Snyder