September 21, 2023

Calico Wallpaper Launches New “Kaleidoscope” Collection

purple and cream wallpaper

Calico Wallpaper has done it again with the release of “Kaleidoscope,” a bespoke wallpaper collection inspired by Paul Cézanne’s gorgeous landscapes.

Reminiscent of Paul Cézanne’s hugely influential modern paintings of prismatic topography that resemble the patterns inside of a kaleidoscope, the collection’s prints bring the outdoors inside of your home. Loose, evocative lines combine to form a wash of patchwork colors across the wall for a striking yet understated finish that doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Touches of vibrant hues provide interest while sweeping brush strokes and color reminiscent of sunshine evoke perpetual motion throughout the wallpaper.

“Kaleidoscope explores how a simple shift of perspective can capture the ever-changing nature of our surroundings,” says Rachel Cope, co-founder and creative director of Calico Wallpaper. “The wallpaper delves into the elusive outlines of a dreamlike scenery highlighting the dynamic spark that is at the heart of all living things.”

Available in eight colorways, Adapt, Balance, Cascade, Emerge, Propel, Renew, Sustain and Transform, the collection can elevate nearly any space. We particularly love Adapt’s mix of beige and blue tones and Balance’s warm, buttery hues. As is true of all Calico Wallpaper collections, “Kaleidoscope” was crafted using original artwork and can be translated into custom-fit murals for a client’s individual project and space.

Article by: Chandler Presson