October 18, 2023

Galerie Magazine: Calico Wallpaper Introduces Collaboration with Artist Cody Hoyt

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From artist Michele Oka Doner’s delightful new book to a lively collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and Cody Hoyt


Brooklyn artist Cody Hoyt, a longtime painter and printmaker who recently switched his primary medium to ceramics, is having a moment. Not only are his geometric-patterned clay works the subject of a new solo show, “Tesserae in Bloom,” at the Future Perfect in Manhattan, but he’s also debuting a lively collaboration with Calico Wallpaper, dubbed Botanica. Inspired by the Japanese art of Nerikomi, which involves stacking and cutting pieces of clay, Hoyt has conjured a mural-esque motif that recalls pressed flowers, with abstracted petals rendered in dreamy hues floating throughout the design, which is available in eight colorways. “Flowers feel like a combination of figuration and abstraction,” he says. “They become interchangeable. It’s natural to read some abstract patterns as florets. It’s natural to see flowers as a pattern.”