September 21, 2023

The beauty of nature inspires new Calico Wallpaper collection

Calico Wallpaper is launching its new collection, Verdure, with guest designer Jason Miller.

Verdure is a hand-painted watercolor collection inspired by the landscapes of Northern California, such as the seaside cliffs and the redwood forests.

The new collection brings nature indoors with an immersive design of abstract botanical shapes that create a living, textural surface, according to Brooklyn-native Miller, who founded the Roll & Hill studio.

“I am inspired by nature’s relentless thoroughness,” said Miller. “In the temperate rainforests of California for example, every inch is covered with the largest trees on earth, the tiniest succulent ground cover and everything in between. This is the inspiration behind Verdure.”

Miller said the collection’s unique pattern is created by leaf forms overlapping one another, as if woven by nature.

Verdure is available in eight colorways: Aster, Dogwood, Pansy, Phlox, Sawgrass, Sorrel, Spruce and Yarrow.

The Calico Wallpaper team employs advanced technologies to translate its designs into custom-fit murals that are tailored to a client’s project and space.

Collection Feature: Verdure

Article by: Anne Flynn Wear