July 3, 2024


Built for a multi-generational family, this Mumbai duplex exudes an overarching sense of warmth, luxury, and tranquillity.

Among the myriad unique aspects that make this two-storey Mumbai duplex extraordinary, it is the enchanting views that truly set it apart. The light dances through the space with a cinematic quality, changing throughout the day and casting a spell that interior designer and project lead Jannat Vasi beautifully harmonised within design. Every hue and shade is a deliberate echo of the natural beauty outside, embracing a palette that is both sophisticated and restrained.

“The vision of bringing the ocean indoors is realised through thoughtful design choices that mirror the natural surroundings, creating a tranquil and timeless living environment. Inspired by the ocean, we’ve infused the space with blues, soft waves, and textures reminiscent of coral reefs. Metals mimic the sun’s reflection, adding a dynamic touch to the serene ambiance. The incredible wall mural by Calico Wallpaper which captures light in a mesmerising way, pays homage to the spectacular sunsets this home enjoys,” explains the founder of Jannat Vasi Interior Design.

Photography by Ishita Sitwala