Chicago Tribune: River North 2-bedroom home with terrace: $3.15M

400 W. Huron St., No. 1101, Chicago: $3,150,000 Listed: Sept. 15, 2020

This two-bedroom condominium in a River North high-rise has 2 1/2 bathrooms and features an open living area spanning the length of the home’s 368-square-foot terrace. Along with sweeping city views, the home touts pathway lighting, black slate flooring and a surround sound system throughout the home.

Pictured above is our Microcosmos Collection in the colorway Drift as the accented wall in the Primary bedroom. 

Interior Design: 12 Editors’ Picks From the October 2020 Edition of LAUNCH

10. Erosions by Calico Wallpaper

Multimedia artist and Snarkitecture cofounder Daniel Arsham’s first foray into the genre arrives in the form of a trompe l’oeil design that seems to burst through the wall.

Standouts: The nonrepeating custom mural in a selenite colorway is LEED certified, using Type II PVC and POA

The Erosions Collection in the colorway Selenite is featured in the image above

The Artist Behind This Dreamy New Wallpaper Is the Definition of On-the-Rise

For its newest launch, Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper collaborated with an unexpected up-and-coming artist: 5-year-old Willow Cope. A true joint effort, the collection (titled Reverie) evolved from drawings and paintings Willow made—to which her mom, Rachel Cope, cofounder and creative director at Calico, layered on her own designs to add texture and depth. Originally the pieces were slated to be part of an exhibition, but when that fell through due to the pandemic, Cope reimagined the works in progress as wallpaper in a range of hues, from icy sky blues to ethereal pinks…

Luxe Magazine: Earthly Pursuits

Our Eden Collection in the colorway Mulberry is featured in Luxe Magazine’s September 2020 issue under Earthly Pursuits: Life in the Studio: Inspirations and lessons on Creativity by Frances Palmer.

Galerie: Transform Your Home with Daniel Arsham’s Otherworldly Wallpaper

Visually exploding from the wall is Erosions, a new collection for Calico Wallpaper that builds off of Arsham’s large-scale murals displayed at Perrotin gallery in 2018. The vast trompe l’oeil design captures a multifaceted cluster of crystals bursting through the plaster surface of na otherwise nondescript wall.

The original design is informed by a series of selenite works Arsham created that capture his “dystopian vision of the future,” where culture is eroded and teh objects that define our modern life are rendered irrelevant. “Artistic process is at the heart of Calico Wallpaper, and we’re excited to bring the result of an ongoing collaboration with Daniel Arsham to a wide audience,” Nick Cope, cofounder of Calico Wallpaper, said in a statement.

Erosions in the colorway Selenite is featured above.