July 10, 2020

Hypebeast: Erode Your Walls at Home with Daniel Arsham’s Calico Wallpaper Collaboration

Daniel Arsham has partnered with Calico Wallpaper to bring his Erosion artwork to the masses. The result is a 3D-effect wallpaper that can be pasted in your home, adding Arsham’s touch to your walls.

The Erosion print is available in its original Perrotin Gallery-exhibited colorway of “Selenite.” A trompe l’oeil design depicts crystals and plaster in a 3D-effect, printed to look as if the crystals are coming out of the wall and that there is a deep cavern in your walls.

Arsham’s dystopian eroded work for your home was created with a high-tech scanning process that captured – in minute detail – the images of crystal and plaster. Other colors including “Volcanic Ash” and “Pyrite,” “Blue Calcite,” and “Rose Quartz” are also set to release soon.

Take a closer look at Daniel Arsham x Calico Wallpaper Erosion print in “Selenite” above, and order your sample from Calico Wallpaper’s website now.