Metropolis: Charlap Hyman & Herrero Join Forces for an Installation Teeming with life

The designers have installed a dramatic, crawling landscape of vines in the Gobelin Room at Austria’s Schloss Hollenegg for Design.

It isn’t every day that a designer gets the chance to create a permanent installation in a 12th-century castle. So when architecture studio Charlap Hyman & Herrero (CH&H) was invited to take part in a residency at Austria’s Schloss Hollenegg for Design, founders Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero jumped at the opportunity.

Every year, Alice Stori Liechtenstein –whose family has owned the property since 1821 — pairs designers and manufacturers to participate in an annual exhibition. This year she brought together CH&H and Brooklyn’s Calico Wallpaper, which is how the designers found themselves standing in the palace, decorating the walls and ceilings of its Gobelin Tapestry Room. Overgrow, a non-repeating wallpaper, was inspired by the lush greenery that creeps up the castle’s walls and spills down from trellises over covered walkways. Charlap Hyman describes the medieval structure as wild and organic. “When we were getting our tour on the first day, Alice kept having to break through vines that had overtaken shutters to open the windows,” he explains. “It really left an impression.”

The Overgrow Collection in the colorway Alice is shown above, and is featured in Schloss Hollenegg’s Gobelin Room.

Hypebeast: Erode Your Walls at Home with Daniel Arsham’s Calico Wallpaper Collaboration

Daniel Arsham has partnered with Calico Wallpaper to bring his Erosion artwork to the masses. The result is a 3D-effect wallpaper that can be pasted in your home, adding Arsham’s touch to your walls.

The Erosion print is available in its original Perrotin Gallery-exhibited colorway of “Selenite.” A trompe l’oeil design depicts crystals and plaster in a 3D-effect, printed to look as if the crystals are coming out of the wall and that there is a deep cavern in your walls.

Arsham’s dystopian eroded work for your home was created with a high-tech scanning process that captured – in minute detail – the images of crystal and plaster. Other colors including “Volcanic Ash” and “Pyrite,” “Blue Calcite,” and “Rose Quartz” are also set to release soon.

Take a closer look at Daniel Arsham x Calico Wallpaper Erosion print in “Selenite” above, and order your sample from Calico Wallpaper’s website now.

WSJ: Branching Out

Calico Wallpaper’s collaboration with lighting designer Lindsey Adelman culminated in the production of the Eden Collection. A behind-the-scenes look at the process behind the collection was shown in this Wall Street Journal piece featured in the June/July 2020 issue of the printed magazine.

The Eden Collection in the colorway Mulberry is featured on the bottom of the 2nd page of the article.

Hypebae: Bring Daniel Arsham’s Wall Mural Home With His Latest Calico Wallpaper Collaboration

Following his collaboration with UNIQLO UT and Pokemon earlier this year, Daniel Arhsam is now tapping into the world of interior design with Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper. Through the partnership, the artist’s signature eroded motif can now be brought home in the form of a wallpaper.

Dubbed “Erosions,” the collection was initially created as a large-scale wall mural for an exhibition at New York’s Perrotin Gallery back in 2018. The wallpaper features a trompe l’oeil motif that shows the illusion of fragments of crystal peeping through the wall, giving a three-dimensional effect overall. The pattern was originally developed through Arhsam’s series of large selenite art pieces that represents the creative’s dystopian view of the future…

The Erosions Collection in the colorway Selenite is featured in the article

Architectural Digest: Lindsey Adelman Releases a Wallpaper, Design Miami/ Launches a New Platform, and More News This Week

Product Launches

Lindsey Adelman Designs a Mural-Style Wallpaper

The product, which is titled Eden, shows off a different side of the lighting designer’s capabilities. It’s come to fruition thanks to a collaboration with Calico Wallpaper, with whom Adelman first partnered in 2018. “Collaborating with Lindsey on this project was a delight,” Calico Wallpaper’s Rachel Cope comments to AD PRO. “We have a similar approach to the creative process in that we see beauty in imperfection. Eden celebrates that-it has an organic quality, like it’s handmade.”

The Eden Collection in the colorway Mulberry is shown above

Dexigner: Calico Wallpaper Partners with Lindsey Adelman to Launch Eden

Calico Wallpaper has debuted ‘Eden’ a new wallpaper collection designed by Lindsey Adelman. The collection draws inspiration from watercolors that Lindsey created during a self-imposed artist residency on Belle-Ile, an island off the coast of Brittany, France.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Adelman was inspired by the island’s natural beauty and her daily foraging walks to create something new, outside of her normal practices and without the confines of a schedule. The result was a series of small watercolor paintings, based on collections of plants, flowers, and seeds, which were translated into this new wallpaper collection.

In collaboration with Adelman, the Calico Wallpaper team spent weeks collaging the paintings into a composition of nearly 100 plant portraits before digitally printing the images. The printing process incorporated the use of hand-applied meta leaf, creating a unique ground of natural pressed metals that gives an organic variation to the mural-style wallpaper.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be collaborating with Calico Wallpaper to transform these designs into wallpaper,” Adelman commented. “It has been a labor of love. I’m especially pleased with the addition of metal leaf, which elevates everything. I hope a bit of the feeling I had making it comes through when people see it.”

The collection is available in seven colorways, including gold, silver, and a reprise of Lindsey’s original watercolor palette.

The Eden Collection in the colorway Mulberry is shown above

The Sunday Times: Bring the Greenery Indoors

Foliate or floral, there’s nothing that brings summer into an interior more surely than a botanical print. Plant-based patterns are appearing on some of the bestselling bedding collections of spring/summer 2020, and botanical illustrations have inspired wallcoverings, fabrics and even bathroom furniture…

The Overgrow Collection in the colorway Alice is featured in this article

Domino: Your Home Can Be Dripping in Vines, Thanks to This New Wallpaper

Something wonderful and fairy tale-like happens to buildings after a few centuries: They become covered in vines. Take Schloss Hollenegg, a 12th-century castle located in the east Austrian hills, where the greenery spills down the facade from covered walkways three stories high. The verdant display is the product of hundreds of years, but you don’t have to wait to recreate it inside your own home. Brooklyn-based company Calico Wallpaper and design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero captured the lush vines in the form of wallpaper, debuting the collection, dubbed Overgrow, this May inside one of Schloss Hollenegg’s wood-paneled rooms…

The Overgrow Collection in the colorway Alice is currently installed at Schloss Hollenegg (shown above)

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Calico Wallpaper has launched a new mural-style wallpaper featuring the designs of Lindsey Adelman, best known for her bespoke lighting fixtures. The Eden collection showcases Adelman’s lesser-known design side, inspired by a series of small watercolor paintings of plants, flower, and seeds.

The Eden Collection in the colorway Nectar is shown above