Apartment Therapy: This New Wallpaper Brings English Country Cottage Style Anywhere You Hang It

Picture yourself stepping into an aging English manor house — or perhaps even a crumbling medieval castle. A cracked pane of glass or gaping window frame lets a creeping vine run wild within the parlor. It’s dreamy, romantic, and like something out of a storybook or the setting of where the love interest proclaims his undying devotion to a Jane Austen leading lady. Now, it can be your bedroom, living room, or library thanks to a collective wallpaper from Calico and design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero.

Called “Overgrow,” this “lush and verdant” pattern, as it’s described on Calico’s website, is a watercolor-like vine motif” adorned with a variety of insect life.” It starts dense at the top, and shoots into fingers of foliage that reach for the baseboards.

“Overgrow” reads more like a hand painted mural than sheets of wallpaper, meaning it will add a taste of homeyness to the space you’re working with. The design was specifically created for the Gobelin Room at the 12th-century castle Schloss Hollenegg in Austria.

“The designers distort the distinction between the decorated interior and the wilderness beyond, while referencing the presence of historical landscape wallpaper throughout the castle,” the wallpaper’s story reads on Calico’s site. “Installed amongst the furnishings of a stately bedroom and large tapestries from the 17th century, the mural teeters between a romantic suggestion of man’s poetic relationship with nature and an ominous reminder that all buildings will become ruins eventually, overtaken by the untamable.”

The Overgrow Collection in the colorway Franz is shown above

Living Etc: Gorgeous Master Bedroom Ideas


This master bedroom features a striking feature wall, with a dramatic Calico wallpaper.

There’s a certain sumptuousness to this space, with its rich textures and colours.

Get the look: The Night Indigo wallpaper is from Calico Wallpaper. The bedside table and mirror are by B&B Italia. The lamp is by Porta Romana.

Image Credit: James Merrell

WSJ Online: Growing a French Wildflower Garden — On Your Own Walls

…This month, Calico Wallpaper launches Eden, a mural-style design strewn with Adelman’s loose, branching botanicals printed on hand-leafed metallic grounds. (There are seven color options, including gold and silver.) Like all of the company’s offerings, Eden is meant to cover a wall without repeating; the team spent weeks collaging nearly 100 of Adelman’s paintings, capturing naturalistic clumps and voids in the process…

The Eden Collection in the colorway Mulberry is shown above.

NYTimes: A Panorama of Design

Ravaged Beauty for Your Home

A new wall covering creates an instant look of disaster.

Shuttered businesses, job losses and relationships under duress — the world may seem to be falling apart as a result of the coronavirus. Turns out there’s a wallpaper for that.

The artist Daniel Arsham, a co-founder of the design studio Snarkitecture, has collaborated with Calico Wallpaper on a trompe l’oeil wall covering that will make a room look like its crumbling away.

“Erosions” is based on a mural Mr. Arsham and Calico created for a gallery show in 2018. To achieve it, the artist made castings of eroded surfaces; then the company used a scanning process to digitize the works. Gallery goers loved the one-off piece, and now Calico is printing the design on clay-coated paper for use in residences.

While the wall covering appears to depict wreckage, it may have a hopeful message: The faux gouges contain crystals, “which we associate with growth,” said Mr. Arsham, speaking from his weekend house on Long Island where he has hunkered down with his wife and children.

“There’s an ambiguity,” he added. “Are things falling apart or are they growing to some kind of completion?”

The Erosions Collection in the colorway Selenite is shown in this article

Living: Coltivare l’edera con la carta da parati

C’è l’idea romantica dei muri coperti da rampicanti dietro la nuova creazione di Calico Wallpaper, una carta da parati che riproduce un’edera dipinta a mano scendere dal soffitto. La collezione Overgrown è una decorazione che supera il concetto di pattern per diventare quasi un’installazione domestica.

E non è un caso infatti se l’idea nata dalla collaborazione con lo studio Charlap Hyman & Herrero è stata presentata in un castello austriaco in occasione di Schloss Hollenegg for design, progetto curato dalla fondatrice Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

Dezeen: Tour of design exhibition at historic Austrian castle with curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein as part of VDF

Today VDF teams up with Schloss Hollenegg for a tour of the historic castle in Austria and live interview with curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein.

Stori Liechtenstein spoke live to Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, as well as sharing a specially recorded tour of Schloss Hollenegg.

The castle, which dates back to 1163, is home to Schloss Hollenegg for Design, a cultural programme established by Stori Liechtenstein in 2015.

Last week saw the opening of Walden, an exhibition exploring our relationship with the wilder side of the natural world, which features works by 22 designers.

On the tour, you can watch above as well as on Dezeen’s Facebook page, Stori Liechtenstein discusses the pieces, which are dotted around the castle and its grounds, the recounts the history of her home.

Usually closed to the public, the castle opens once a year to the public for its annual design show. This year’s public opening has been cancelled due to coronavirus, but the exhibition has been mounted and will be brought to life via the live tour and an accompanying video.

Participants in the Walden exhibition are Crafting Plastics, Charlap Hyman & Herrero, Calico Wallpaper, Marlène Huissoud, cc-tapis, Klemens Schillinger, Sophie Dries, Kaia, Arvid & Marie, Thomas Ballouhey, Thomas Barger, BNAG, Commonplace, Marianne Drews, Jonas Edvard, Destroyers/Buildres, Marc Leschelier, mischer’traxler, Odd Matter, Marylou Petot, Studio B Severin, Study O Portable, Studiotut, Evalie Wagner and Sander Wassink.

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Visit This: A Digital Art Show in an Austrian Castle

Each year, the curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein invites a group of young designers to live and work for one to three weeks at Schloss Hollenegg, her husband’s family’s 12th-century castle in rural Austria… and the Brooklyn-based studio Charlap Hyman & Herrero collaborated with the wallpaper company Calico to create a lush if violent print that depicts entangled vines…

The Overgrow Collection in the colorway Alice is currently on display at Schloss Hollenegg.