August 5, 2020

Galerie: Transform Your Home with Daniel Arsham’s Otherworldly Wallpaper

Visually exploding from the wall is Erosions, a new collection for Calico Wallpaper that builds off of Arsham’s large-scale murals displayed at Perrotin gallery in 2018. The vast trompe l’oeil design captures a multifaceted cluster of crystals bursting through the plaster surface of na otherwise nondescript wall.

The original design is informed by a series of selenite works Arsham created that capture his “dystopian vision of the future,” where culture is eroded and teh objects that define our modern life are rendered irrelevant. “Artistic process is at the heart of Calico Wallpaper, and we’re excited to bring the result of an ongoing collaboration with Daniel Arsham to a wide audience,” Nick Cope, cofounder of Calico Wallpaper, said in a statement.

Erosions in the colorway Selenite is featured above.