December 30, 2021

Domino: Rainbow Rooms: Jessica Ayromloo’s Venice California Project

In the context of the Venice canal area—which is known for its anything-goes fashion scene, graffiti art, and quirky architecture (their neighbor’s facade has dog heads painted on it)—saturating the former beige and gray space in expressive shades of turquoise, pink, and green just made sense. Plus the homeowner, a former artist, has an unwavering opinion about the value of color. “It really has to satisfy my emotional palette,” she says.

That fascination with “odd” chromatic combinations stems from her artist days: Many of her hard-edge paintings, which can be found throughout the house, were grounds for experimentation. And so covering the stairs and kitchen walls in Calico’s gradient Aurora wallpaper turned the space into something special.

The same treatment makes an appearance in the main bedroom, this time in a wispy blue version that speaks to the aqua headboard (the bespoke tufted piece was inspired by the equally chunky sofa downstairs). Yellow was a natural jumping-off point from there, but Ayromloo still felt like the room needed a third hue. “Pink came into the picture because it just softened everything up,” she says. “Why throw in something muted when all the other rooms are so saturated?”