May 11, 2020

AD: This 12th-Century Austrian Castle Is Embracing Its Wild Surroundings

Nature is at the center of a new digital exhibition staged by Alice Liechtenstein at Schloss Hollenegg.

When Italian design curator Alice LIechtenstein moved with her family in 2014 to Schloss Hollenegg, a rambling 12th-century castle in Austria that was her husband’s ancestral home, she was confronted with something new: nature. Not the idyllic, wildflowers-from-my-country-house kind of nature. It was something messier, less romantic, a little out of control…

design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero and Calico Wallpaper brought those vines and insects that had once so maddened Liechtenstein inside in the form of a fanciful printed wallpaper, derived from an oil painting.

“We wanted to distort the distinction between the decorated interior and the wilderness beyond,” Adam Charlap Hyman explains, “while referencing the presence of numerous historical landscape wallpapers throughout the castle.”

The collaboration between Charlap Hyman & Herrero and Calico Wallpaper yielded Overgrow. This colorway installed at Schloss Hollenegg isAlice, named after the Italian design curator.