March 30, 2020

Bloomberg: For Your Next Video Chat, Give the Wall Behind Your Mug Some Love

Now that we are all looking into each other’s homes on FaceTime and Zoom, it’s time to rethink wallpaper — and not the virtual kind.

The wallpaper business was booming before coronavirus forced us all to contemplate the state of the walls in our home-and in the home of everyone else on our virtual meeting. Those in the industry are taking notice: “We’ve seen a big spike in wallpaper sample orders,” says Noel Fahden, vice president of merchandising at online retailer Chairish. “Many customers are ordering five-plus samples at a time, so they’re clearly considering a range of options.”…

Florals  – Status brand Calico Wallpaper, meanwhile, has produced a couple of more subtle flower-inspired patterns, including Flora which evokes “the eternal calm and serenity of an open field.”

Our Flora Collection in the colorway Wildflower is featured in this article.