Print Magazine: What’s at Design Miami/ This Year? Experimental Design

Calico Wallpaper and Philippe Malouin present The Color and the Shape

What it is: The most non-traditional wallpaper you’ve ever seen, in fact, it’s more like a paper and mesh collage in hues of blue, calling to mind waves from the perspective of a dolphin.

File next to: The bathroom of your dreams with a huge bathtub, candles and walls like this.

The designers: Brooklyn-based duo Rachel and Nick Cope, who are the force behind Calico wallpaper, are inspired by unknown desert landscapes, the booth structure and mesmerizing patterns reminiscent of sand moved by wind and weather.

The takeaway: This installation reimagines how wallpaper can transform a wall into “abstraction, texture and a modular game of layering,” according to the designers. “Taking inspiration from Henri Matisse and his technique of ‘carving into color,’ a library with a set number of shapes in specific colors and sizes will be the basis for the collage wall assemblies.”

ELLE Decor Russia: Design Miami 2018

Любимец дизайн-прессы канадец Филипп Малуэн (Philippe Malouin) (о нем мы также писали на наших страницах) представил на выставке свою коллаборацию с производителем настенных покрытий Calico Wallpaper под названием «Цвет и форма». Источником вдохновения для нее служила техника резьбы по краске Анри Матисса (Henri Matisse), а задачей дизайнера было открыть новые художественные возможности такого обыденного материала, как обои, с помощью новых приемов. Например, наложения разных слоев друг на друга, создания рельефных складок и игры с текстурами.

Whitewall: Fresh & Fun Finds at Design Miami/ 2018

From December 5-9, Design Miami/ is presenting a diverse roster of presentations from 33 exhibitors. On view from the world’s top galleries are 20th and 21st century objects, furniture, lighting, an collectibles…

The fair’s platform, Design Curio/, gains attention with 11 participants, including highlights like: Calico Wallpaper’s Curio Project, The Color and the Shape, presented together with London-based designer Philippe Malouin…

Architectural Digest: The Best Booths at Design Miami 2018

Calico Wallpaper x Philippe Malouin Just a month ago, in Calico’s Red Hook, Brooklyn studio, I watched as industrial designer Philippe Malouin and wallpaper designer Rachel Cope taped large swaths of material on the wall: Tyvek, mesh, paper of varying colors. Now the final results are on show in a Curio at Design Miami, an idea perhaps for hypercustom, collaged wall assemblages to come.

NYTimes: Design Miami is Understated, but Its Offerings Certainly Aren’t

Walls of change

Many a 2-year-old with a box of crayons has treated wallpaper as an interactive medium, but this wallpaper – The Color & the Shape, designed by Philippe Malouin, who is Canadian and British, and manufactured by Rachel and Nick Cope’s Calico Wallpaper in Brooklyn – really is. Also part of the Curio program, it was inspired by Henri Matisse’s vibrant and influential cutouts from the late 1940s and early ’50s. The medium is the method: colorful, textured, oversized hand-cut forms that can be rearranged and layered, so you can devise a different collage for a special dinner party or houseguest, or just because seasons change and life is ephemeral. Mr. Malouin’s other furniture designs include revolving chairs, high-fashion stools and splashy chandeliers.

Wallpaper* Online: Design Miami 2018

At the Design Curio section of the fair, Calico Wallpaper and Philippe Malouin have collaborated to create an interactive surface collage titled ‘The Color and the Shape’ taking inspiration from Henri Matisse cut-outs.

Wallpaper* Magazine: Design Miami/ 2018 Preview

Wallpaper* Magazine’s interactive Design Miami/ map features key happenings around the city during the festival. Calico Wallpaper x Philippe Malouins’ Curio booth imagery has been chosen as the lead image for Design Curio.

Blouin ArtInfo: All Eyes on Curio at Upcoming Design Miami

Calico Wallpaper and PHilippe Malouin will present “The Color and the Shape.” The Color and the Shape transforms an expanse of wall space into an interactive surface for collage. Constructed from colorful hand-cut forms in eclectic, textured, and oversized materials, the project takes its inspiration from Henri Matisse’s cutouts and the technique he described as “carving into color.”

WSJ: 10 Stylish Women on Essential Investment – Fashion Pieces

Rachel Cope’s Lavender Printed Skirt

The Piece: I bought it for a photo shoot for a collaborative exhibition that we put on for Salone del Mobile. I love Rachel Comey and I typically go to her store if I have a special occasion. I really respect her as an artist, as a mother, as a business owner.

Opumo: Daniel Arsham Unveils Eroded Fantasy Future At Perrotin New York

…an entire wall of the exhibition space is also filled with more of Arsham’s eroded aesthetic, as it reveals a broken structure inside. The visual effect was achieved through an art technique created by trompe-l’oeil wallpaper designs that Arsham created with Brooklyn design studio Calico Wallpaper.

MIX Magazine: Painterly Effects

It looks as if we might just have reached peak botanical, and as like nature, the surface design industry abhors a vacuum, the question is, what’s next? While metallics have been heavily mooted, and there’s undoubtedly an interest in graphic grids and geometrics for 2018, the trend that feels freshest right now is driven by the world of abstract art…

The Seattle Times: Space: The latest frontier for home décor

Brooklyn, New York-based Calico Wallpaper offers several celestial-themed designs. Lunaris has fog-, smoke-, and midnight-hued backgrounds with silver overlay that evoke the moon’s surface as seen through a telescope. Aurora, with a soothing palette in an ombré pattern, depicts the sky’s constant transformation from dawn to dusk.

Home & Property: Rough gems: get touch-feely with the bold design trend for all things textural

Calico Wallpaper showed its panoramic Oceania wallpaper, built up from a watercolour wash scattered with salt. “The salt dissolves, leaving crystalline traces that capture seawater’s soft texture,” explains co-founder Rachel Cope.

Calico Wallpaper has also co-produced a wallpaper called Topographies with Brooklyn design studio Snarkitecture, made by tearing layers of paper to create a 3D effect resembling a topographic map.

Another Calico wallpaper design, Palette, features gigantic brushstrokes. These designs are then digitized so they can be custom-printed to fit any wall and are durable.

houzz: New this week: 5 Bold and Colorful Bedrooms

5. Cool and Contemporary

Designer: Christopher Kitterman of STADT Architecture
Location: NYC
Size: 114 square feet (11 square meters); 12 by 9.5 feet

Wall treatment. Custom color-and-drip layout version of Calico’s Satori wallpaper. “We worked closely with Calico to fine-tune the green palette tones and then drew the elevation on where the drips would occur,” Kitterman says. “By using a photo of Vancouver’s Stanley Park showing a golden sun steaming through a lush evergreen landscape, we developed our wallcovering, which is a translation of this image, a gold-leafed filed that melds into a series of rich, saturated green tones.”

Our Satori Collection in a custom color way is featured in this article.

Harper’s Bazaar: Watch an Armoire Transform Into a Hidden Bar

For another personal touch to the armoire bar, wallpaper is key. “Wallpaper helps create the drama of a ‘party on the inside,'” says Alia. “In design, opposites attract. So here, the opposites are this vintage piece on the outside, but when you open it up, it’s this very modern, glamorous style.”


Our Night Collection in the color way ‘Aubergine‘ was used as the wallpaper touch inside this armoire turned bar.

Click here to watch

Living Etc.: Wallpaper Ideas for Bedrooms

Night Indigo wallpaper shown as a “touch of drama”

There’s a certain sumptuousness to this space, with its rich textures and colours

6sqft: Beautiful Design Details and Some Unexpected Curves Make This $1.5M Nolita duplex a sunny sanctuary

Good design can lift the spirits, which is why this stylish condominimum at 259 Elizabeth Street is more than just easy on the eyes. The two-bedroom-plus-office duplex, asking $1.545 million, is filled with lovely custom details and designs, from bespoke Calico wallpaper in a bohemian version of spun gold to the Solarium that comprises a bedroom’s outer wall…

Wabi ‘Cloud’ is shown installed in this condo.

dwell: Hawthorne by Mosaic Homes in Collaboration with Laura Melling

This home was designed by integrating IKEA furniture and systems with some of our favourite accessories, lights, and art by local artists. This IKEA Hack home is the ultimate DIY high-low project with clever modifications to some basic IKEA pieces, your home can be both beautiful to look at and make the most of accessible furniture…

Mimi and Pummel: What do you Crave?

Nothing can have a bigger impact on the mood of a room like wall coverings.  I love Calico Wallpaper because they offer so much custom-made choice.  They are all about “taking art out of the frame and putting it onto the wall.”  Their merger of traditional techniques and digital design combine to offer a very organic, bespoke product.  I have visited this product on display, and in house, and my impression is Calico has the flexibility to cater to any style and taste.  It all depends on what you crave…

The Cut: A Tribeca Condo Where Playful Glamour Meets Graphic Content

Los Angeles – based interior designer Jessica Ayromloo met her clients, a young married couple, in 2016, when they purchased a condo in a design-build residence in Tribeca. They spent a year and a half finessing the interiors, as these buildings must be completed before their owners can move in. So rather than rip out the default kitchen and bath utilities and go to town on structural changes, – the first thing that many designers do when their clients get the green light to move in – Ayromloo concentrated on the décor and simply added casework where she wanted to implement storage and design features…

Photography by Annie Schlechter

Nộithất Magazine Online

Không gian phủ đầy cây xanh tại nhà hàng ẩm thực Việt Nam – Di An Di ở Brooklyn

The space is filled with greenery at the dining restaurant Vietnam – Di An Di in Brooklyn

IDEAT: Calico Wallpaper, designer at work

Faire du papier-peint une pièce d’art pour la maison, telle est l’ambition de Nick et Rachel Cope, fondateur de Calico Wallpaper. Le couple a décidé de lancer ce projet ensemble juste après les ravages de l’ouragan Sandy à New York qui les avait mis au chômage forcé, lui l’architecte d’intérieur et elle l’artiste-thérapeute…