Coveteur: The Couple Making Wallpaper That Doubles As Art

Launching a business with your significant other, in our imaginations (because it would literally never happen), looks a bit like a living nightmare. But Rachel and Nick Cope, the husband-and-wife co-founders of Calico Wallpaper, make it seem like a dream…

Aurora Ray, Lunaris Midnight, Wabi River, and custom artwork for MAST brothers are shown above

Architectural Digest: Tour New York’s Holiday House

Calico Wallpaper was asked to contribute to New York’s 2016 Holiday House, in which two townhouses in SoHo were transformed for a great cause.  As shown in the image above, designer Jamie Walters used a wallpaper from the Cirrus Collection in the colorway Veil in her Friendsgiving-themed kitchen.

Cirrus Veil is shown above

How One Design Studio Is Keeping Traditional Craft Techniques Alive

Designers Nicholas and Rachel Cope of Calico Wallpaper draw inspiration from all kinds of unlikely places. To inform their latest work – a silk triptych commissioned by the design gallery Friedman Benda – the couple… riffed on a traditional dyeing technique for a pattern that nods to the earth’s crust…

Custom batik on silk artwork, exemplary of our bespoke services

Sight Unseen: Calico Wallpaper’s Envy-Inducing Airy Red Hook Loft

In hindsight, it feels almost like fate that Nick and Rachel Cope would end up in the sprawling, historic Red Hook loft they now call home. After all, where else in New York City could they have found the room to showcase not one but six of the wallpaper collections they’ve created since 2012 as partners in the Brooklyn-based Calico? But in fact, the couple moved in years before they began working together, meaning that the walls were once white despite now seeming as if they’ve been adorned with marbled metallics, soothing ombrés, and dripping gold leaf for practically ever…

Wabi River (slides 1, 3), Lunaris Midnight (slides 7-9), Willow Blush (slide 11), Satori Fir (slide 13), and Aurora Ray (slide 16) are shown above

Wallpaper*: DDG’S XOCO 325 condo unveils a model unit

Chocolate may no longer fill the inside of 325 West Broadway, the former site of a brick chocolate factory in New York’s SoHo district, but its name, XOCO (the Catalan word for ‘chocolate’) 325, keeps the building’s legacy alive. DDG took over the building in 2012, transforming it into a 21-unit residential property in the heart of one of Manhattan’s chic-est neighborhoods…

Photography by Robert Granoff

Aurora Ray is shown above

New York Magazine: This Airy Townhouse is Actually Only 11 Feet Wide

Architects Tal Schori and Rustam-Marc Mehta, who founded their firm, GRT Architects, in 2015, have been friends since the third grade… Here, their first residential project, the renovation of a very narrow townhouse in Fort Greene.
The 11-Foot Challenge: GRT changed the rectangular vestibule ceiling into an arched space to echo the entry doors. They worked with Calico Wallpaper to customize an ombre design that morphs from orange to lavender. “This was not only our first residential project, Schori says, “but also our first renovation.”

Aurora Ray is shown above

A Cup of Jo: 11 Great Wallpapers

11 Great Wallpapers: Do you have any wallpaper in your home? We’ve always rented our apartments, so we never have, but I really love the idea. Here are a bunch of pretty ones…

Aurora Azure is shown above