Lonny: How To Move In With Your Partner, According to Our Fave Design Couples

Add a Home Office or Man Cave

“Designated areas in the space that are specific to each person so you can retain a piece of your identity while merging worlds,” say Nick and Rachel Cope, co-founders of Calico Wallpaper and Cope. “Always make sure to have a small area that can work as a studio space — think Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own.”

House Method: Calico Wallpaper: The Captivating Papers

If there were two words to describe Calico Wallpaper, they would be big and beautiful. Founded by Nick and Rachel Cope in 2013, Calico Wallpaper is truly one of the most unique wallpaper companies we’ve stumbled upon. The founders take the arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, traditional paper marbling practices, and combine them with new techniques, materials and technologies to create stunning masterpieces…

Martha Stewart: This Nursery Has the Sweetest Peter Rabbit Wallpaper

Designers Rachel and Nick Cope were expecting their second child when Liberty of London asked the husband and wife duo behind the stunning Calico Wallpaper and home goods brand Cope, to collaborate on three wallpapers based on the Sony Pictures Peter Rabbit Movie. The couple was beyond thrilled…

Belle Australia: Milan Portraits

Interview with Lindsey Adelman and Rachel Cope (co-founder of Calico Wallpaper) by David Harris for Belle Australia Magazine’s June/July 2018 Issue.

Living Etc: Modern Houses: New Elegance #11

Cool shapes and artistic influences create a stylish backdrop inside this New York home…

This baby’s room has the most glamorous wallpaper going. The wallpaper was already in place before it became a baby’s room, but it’s pretty cool for a nursery too.

The wallpaper uses satellite imagery from Nasa


Architectural Digest Clever: News You Can Use from Milan Design Week

The super dreamy backdrop to Lindsey Adelman’s new lighting collection is actually available to order now. Calico’s Oceania Collection comes in colors reminiscent of the ocean (obvi), and a really stunning texture that, from what we can tell, would serve as a dramatic effect in any room.

Sight Unseen: The Best of Milan Design Week 2018, Part I

This year marked our tenth anniversary of attending the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and this year’s fair felt a bit … different. The showrooms were more crowded, the brands were more lavish, and the trends felt less obvious. But the biggest difference for us was in our own attitude towards the fair, and our confidence in living out the week on our own terms. Ten years of pounding the pavement have taught us many important lessons, including a) figure out the Milanese tram system; b) never day drink c) make time for inspiring field trips and long lunches with friends and d) only see the things you’re absolutely dying to see. Here’s the first of our posts chronicling all the wonderful things we found…

T Magazine: 13 Great Things We Saw at Milan’s Design Fair

Two New York interior designer favorites – the lighting doyenne Lindsey Adelman and the wallpaper-design duo Calico – collaborated on a launch of works themed around corrosion. Adelman debuted a patinated brass Drop pendant series and Calico introduced a photorealistic wallpaper made by scanning an original painting that had been corroded with salt.

Interior Design: Milan Design Week’s Most Impactful Installation

Lighting doyenne Lindsey Adelman joined forces with Calico Wallpaper to present “Beyond the Deep,” an immersive undersea installation at Via Pietro Maroncelli 7. It marks the launch of Adelman’s Drop System, a De Stijl-inspired lighting series that features hand-blown mini globes affixed to verdigris-finished brass tubes. Backdropping Adelman’s fixtures are Calico Wallpaper’s brand-new Oceania collection in two shades and fluid-like Sumi Collection in a custom colorway.

AD: Milan Design Week 2018: The Best Installations, Collaborations, and Projects

Listed as one of seven “Best Installations, Collaborations, and Projects” by Architectural Digest for Milan Design Week 2018

Lindsey Adelman and Calico Wallpaper teamed up for a joint presentation, titled “Beyond the Deep,” after discovering that they were both experimenting with corrosive chemical reactions…

The Cut: A Cookie-Cutter Apartment, Transformed by Local Artisan Works

In her first solo residential project, Brooklyn-based designer Amber Rogers of Amber Rogers Design tranformed a Boreum Hill three-bedroom high-rise apartment into a comfortable, dreamy home with meticulously curated pieces by local artisans…

Inverted Spaces in ‘Orion is featured as a bedroom accent wall in this apartment featured on The Cut.

Photography by Argonaut Productions

hospitality design: wallcoverings

BCXSY collaborated with Calico Wallpaper on Microcosmos, which draws on the craft of bubble prints to create naturally occurring figures that evoke the views of the world as seen under a microscope. The handmade artwork has been digitally painted and blown up to a large scale.


Featured in Hospitality Design Magazine’s “Products: Wallcoverings” in the February 2018 issue

Architektur & Wohnen: Ein Königreich Bis An Den Horizont

A Kingdom to the Horizon

When the king sits on his throne, then he owns the world. Nick and Rachel Cope, founders of the Calico company in New York, with their sensual wall coverings, open their eyes to distant horizons with Faye Toogood’s wallpaper “Fields”. The London designer also designed the matching royal seat made of fiberglass. His name is “Roly Poly”. This is called Moppelchen, but does not detract from the imperial wonder.

Featured in Architektur & Wohnen’s April 2018 issue

An Interior Magazine: Art de Triomphe

In a peculiar yet perfect pairing, the vibrant textiles, fabrics, upholstery, and wallpaper in situ are either original works of art or inspired facsimiles. Either way, the results are gallery-worthy.

Calico Wallpaper’s new sister company, Cope, has created a painterly textile with a soft splashed-water motif. The fluid brushstroke-like pattern — printed on natural Belgian linen — is a nod the Brooklyn-based studio’s hands-on process.


Featured in the article ‘Art de Triomphe’ in An Interior Magazine’s Spring 2018 issue

Vue: Cope: Handmade for the Home

Nearly five years ago in a small Brooklyn studio, husband-and-wife duo Rachel and Nick Cope came up with a concept for custom wallpaper. Their designs incorporate Japanese and Turkish marbling techniques that looked more like large-scale mural abstractions than wall-coverings. Together, they found a new way to elevate interior spaces beyond the borders of a frame. Today, the couple has channeled that same artistic vision in the launch of their textile company–simply called, Cope.

Featured in ‘Cope: Handmade for the Home’ from Vue Magazine’s Spring 2018 issue

RISD x Miami: Calico Wallpaper & Rachel Cope

We’re so excited to see our co-founder Rachel’s alma mater – RISD – featuring her work via Calico Wallpaper in their RISD x Miami Round up.


Photography by Kevin Lu
Images courtesy of Friedman Benda

Brit + Co: This Husband and Wife Duo Just Launched the Home Textile Collection of Our Dreams

Nothing adds character to a home like textiles… Cope, the new line of pillows and yardage from the power couple behind Calico Wallpaper, is taking home linens to the next, next level. Styles include those made with Japanese and Turkish painting techniques that go far beyond your classic shibori, and lend an inimitable texture to throws and swaths of fabric alike. The textiles are perfect for homemade curtains or tablecloths, but then again, we might just go the hanging tapestry route and use some fabric as a one-of-a-kind piece of art. It’s certainly gallery-worthy! Scroll through to see what we mean…

Wallpaper*: Design Miami 2017

Friedman Benda is hosting a show of new work by eight international designers at its Design Miami booth. Titled ‘Crosscurrents’, the exhibition includes abstract vases and mirrors by Marcel Wanders, ‘Detonado Buffet’ and ‘Pirarucu’ sofas by Fernando and Humberto Campana, and a coffee table in marble and brass by Chilean studio Gt2P. (slide 12 of 19)

Lindsey Adelman’s new lighting is on view as part of the Curio programme at Design Miami this year. The eclectic installation of mobiles, titled ‘The Edge of What We Know,’ echoes the New York designer’s personal interest in nature and science. (slide 13 of 19)

Photography by James Harris

dezeen: Calico Wallpaper launches range of painterly textiles

Splotches of watercolour and wildflower blooms are among the motifs seen in this collection of textiles created by Calico Wallpaper’s new sister company, Cope.

The recently launched brand – which will exclusively produce fabric and soft home furnishings – takes its name from Calico founders Nick and Rachel Cope.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the husband-and-wife duo is recognised for their printed wall coverings that often play with colour, texture, and metallics…

Photography by Adam Ryder

Wallpaper*: Getting Soft: Calico Wallpaper sets its sights on fabric with new studio offshoot Cope

Welcome Cope: a new studio venture for the Red Hook-based designers. Don’t call it a diffusion line; instead, Cope expands on Calico’s patterns, transposing them onto soft goods, starting with plush pillows and wispy drapery fabric. ‘We wanted to use our family name to create a legacy by selling more diverse products and maybe products that are more accessible, not just in terms of cost but also in that they would be able to be ordered directly through us over the internet,’ says Nick…


Domino: This Husband & Wife Design Duo Just Created a Gorgeous Textile Collection

If you love wallpaper like we do (i.e. a lot), you’ve undoubtedly heard of custom wallpaper company Calico Wallpaper. Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico is known for elevating basic wall coverings into veritable art–the brand uses dip-dying techniques, digital technologies, and has even made a foray into aura wallpaper. Now Rachel and Nick are turning their creative efforts in a slightly different direction with the launch of their textile and soft goods company, Cope…


AD: Calico Wallpaper Launches Cope, a Textile Collection Inspired by the Hudson Valley

When husband-wife duo Rachel and Nick Cope created Calico Wallpaper back in 2013, customers, including interior designer, Amy Lau, were so enamored with the paper’s whimsical watercolor-like prints that they urged the couple to extend their designs beyond the four walls of a room. With a textile artist for a mother, and raised learning the medium’s processes, Rachel believed fabric seemed like a natural complement to the company’s existing papers. Nick agreed, and nearly five years since Calico’s inception, the twosome has added a soft goods collection, Cope, to their local operation…

Cope is now available and online.

AD: Amy Lau Creates Ode to Art Nouveau at Salon

“I’ve always been a fan of Art Nouveau,” explains the designer Amy Lau. “It appeals to me because it embraces its natural form.” Lau is speaking to me in the midst of a frenzied week of preparations for the Salon Art + Design, where she’s been invited to create an installation among the booths of venerable vendors who will bring treasures of art and design to the Park Avenue Armory for the show. When Lau’s completed room was unveiled at Salon’s opening night on Thursday, guests marveled at her dreamlike space, where period pieces of Art Nouveau furniture blended with contemporary design, Robert Burle Marx jewelry, and more – even the fabrics and wall coverings were custom-conceived to fit into Lau’s magical world…

Interior designer Amy Lau created “The New Nouveau” exhibit ATMOSPHERE for Salon Art + Design and invited co-founder Rachel Cope of Calico Wallpaper to create a custom wallpaper for the space.  The entire space is covered in a hand-painted opalescent mural and helps tie together and set the mood for the booth.

Photography by Daniel Kukla

Interior Design Magazine: Fabric & Wall Covering

Nick & Rachel Cope share a predilection for illustrating the artistic process through custom-printed wall coverings. Their partnership veers into the spectral realm with Aura, a collection that conjures the luminous energy said to surround a person or object. “I stumbled upon an aura photograph that Nick had taken as a child,” says Rachel. “The subtle interplay of colors was so striking that I immediately wanted to explore the medium as inspiration.” Digitally printed on Type II vinyl, the radiant compositions come in seven variations, each corresponding to different feelings, as determined by color psychology. And they’re all sold by the square foot.

Calico Wallpaper’s Aura Collection is featured in Interior Design’s October 2017 fall market tabloid

Introducing Cope: Uniquely designed textiles and home goods

Rachel & Nick Cope, co-founders of Calico Wallpaper are excited to announce the launch of their new sister company Cope – a new brand of textiles. Under the family name of its founders, Cope represents a unique vision for the world of soft goods. The brand draws inspiration from nature, science, and the arts to bring unique expressions of essential forms into the home. Celebrating the creative process of art-making, Cope explores the past and preset. Looking through a lens of curiosity, experimentation with both technique and gesture brings the shape and pattern to life that comes out of this process.

Pillows, textile yardage, and samples are now available for purchase via the Cope website. All of our products are printed on a variation of 100% linen that has been made from flax sourced exclusively from the Flanders region or greater Europe. We are proud to have all of our design, printing, and finishing done in the United States.

AD: How RISD Created the Next Generation of Design Lumianries

Brooklyn not only presents itself as an appealing locale for materials and manufacturing but also as a kind of support system for RISD grads. Rachel Cope of Calico Wallpaper, who recently had tea with Adelman to discuss their new projects, says she couldn’t imagine leaving the combined living and workspace she shares with her husband and business partner, Nick. “You share this secret language,” she explains about the RISD alumni assembly. “You’ve had many sleepless nights working on a project that exhibited your passion for art. The other RISD alums in Brooklyn, they just kind of get it. It never leaves you.”


Financial Times How To Spend It: The Brooklyn startup shaking up the world of wallpaper

Rachel and Nick Cope, founders of Calico Wallpaper, are mildly horrified when asked to pick a favourite project. Every one of the couple’s luxury wallcoverings is a unique installation, based on original artwork, tailored and tinted to fit an individual interior. How can they choose?…

Story by Katrina Burroughs
Photography by Nicholas Calcott

NYTimes: The Design Companies Conquering New Ground

Textiles shown in the photos above will be available through Cope


Photography by David Chow

Featured in Forward March: The Design Companies Conquering New Ground in The New York Time’s T Magazine’s September 24, 2017 Issue

AD: Tour the Entire Kode With Klossy Offices

Karlie Kloss‘s new Kode With Klossy office space received the Homepolish touch…

The “call room” — a telephone room and fitting room in one — is a small room off of the office that Kloss can use to change between events. “Since it was a small room, we decided to wallpaper the walls in a gorgeous Calico wallpaper and added curtains so Karlie could use it for fittings and getting ready for shoots,” says Rich. “This little room is so dreamy!”

Cirrus Vapor is shown above and currently installed in the “call room” at Klossy HQ

ElleDecor.com: These 15 Gold Wallpapers are the Dazzling Detail that Design Risk-Takers Will Love

If you’re already considering statement wallpaper, it’s safe to say you aren’t afraid of taking design risks. Eccentric patterns and bold colors are the perfect way to show off your style, whether you paper an entire room or opt for an accent wall.

Take your decor one step further with the ultimate in glam decor: gold wallpaper. Here are 15 gilded designs that are big on glitz without going overboard.

(2/15) Satori Plateau Wallpaper – Dripping in gold. Literally.
(5/15) Wabi Cloud Wallpaper – An otherworldly take on cloud formations, this gold-and-white design takes a bathroom with white fixtures to the next (very glamorous) level.
(8/15) Cirrus Horizon Wallpaper – The perfect matte gold wallpaper.