December 10, 2018

Print Magazine: What’s at Design Miami/ This Year? Experimental Design

Calico Wallpaper and Philippe Malouin present The Color and the Shape

What it is: The most non-traditional wallpaper you’ve ever seen, in fact, it’s more like a paper and mesh collage in hues of blue, calling to mind waves from the perspective of a dolphin.

File next to: The bathroom of your dreams with a huge bathtub, candles and walls like this.

The designers: Brooklyn-based duo Rachel and Nick Cope, who are the force behind Calico wallpaper, are inspired by unknown desert landscapes, the booth structure and mesmerizing patterns reminiscent of sand moved by wind and weather.

The takeaway: This installation reimagines how wallpaper can transform a wall into “abstraction, texture and a modular game of layering,” according to the designers. “Taking inspiration from Henri Matisse and his technique of ‘carving into color,’ a library with a set number of shapes in specific colors and sizes will be the basis for the collage wall assemblies.”