AD: Snarkitecture’s ethereal takeover of the Valextra flagship store

Architectural Digest is doing an A-Z guide to Salone del Mobile – comprising the faces, places, and trends of one of the world’s biggest design fairs, Salone del Mobile Milano, which took place in April…

Continuing with their investigation of the boundaries between art and architecture, Mustonen and Arsham collaborated with Calico Wallpaper on a collection titled Topographies, which was launched during Milan Design Week. Calico has long been a champion of using modern technology to expand traditional practices, and the brand’s focus aligned nicely this year with Snarkitecture’s dexterity with material, and their practice of interpreting it in new ways.

Topographies explored excavation as an architetural process by using stacks of paper torn by hand to reveal hidden layers that hinted at the aging process of layered wallpaper…

AD: Calico Wallpaper Creates a Site-Specific Installation in the Hudson River Valley

The Copes… partnered with Hudson Woods, a cluster of high-design cabins in the Catskills conceptualized by Drew Lang, to host a temporary installation. Over the course of two days, the design couple swathed a minimalist cabin (there are several, of varying architectural styles, on premises) with a dip-dyed ombré linen.

Photography by Matthew Williams

In goop Health

On June 10 in LA, for the first time ever, we hosted In goop Health, an all-day wellness summit that brought together some of our most trusted doctors and experts…


Aura Mula is shown above; it was used as the backdrop for the In goop Health panels

AD: Nashville Welcomes a Concept Shop That Changes with the Seasons

When Josh and Ivy Elrod, New York transplants to Nashville, decided to open their second shop in the hip city, the duo knew they didn’t want a traditional storefront…

Purveyors include more well-known brands (Muuto, Herman Miller, and Eskayel), makers familier on the design show circuit (Fort Standard, Areaware, Chen & Kai, and Calico Wallpaper) as well as smaller vendors like local KUMP Studios.

Wilder Etudes opened Saturday, June 24, 2017 at
1200 Villa Place #301
Nashville, TN


Aurora Ray is shown above.

NYTimes: Model Apartments Where Designers Run Wild

Compared with the tastefully neutral interiors of so many new condominium buildings, the latest model unit to open at 432 Park Avenue comes as a jolt…


Satori in a custom colorway and substrate is shown above. Kelly Behun has replaced the usual dutch leaf substrate with a silver leaf substrate and chosen a custom blue wash as the colorway.

DesignMilk: Calico Wallpaper Unveils Latest Collection of Wallpaper: Aura

Calico Wallpaper just recently unveiled Aura, its latest collection of wallpaper during this year’s Sight Unseen OFFSITE. The New York brand was inspired by energy fields that surround us but are not seen so they experimented with aura photography, which visually captures the electromagnetic field surrounding a person and produces ethereal gradients of color. They took the results and turned them into a series of wallpaper that will conjure various feelings and emotions based on color psychology…


Aura in Ajna, Svad, Mani, Mula, Saha, Anahata, and Vishu are shown above (from left to right)
Install imagery by Adam Ryder

The Wall Street Journal: The Wallpaper Trick That Wows: An A-to-Z Guide

K is for Kintsugi
Inspired by kintsugi, a 500-year-old Japanese technique in which old broken pottery is repaired with metallic lacquer, the Satori non-repeating paper is quietly marbled. “Muted tones are amenable to a space you would actually want to inhabit,” said Rhode Island School of Design’s Martin Smick, who teaches wallpaper as art.



Capitalize on a common theme
The Satori kintsugi wallpaper and the National Gallery’s portrait print speak to each other in hushed tones about the hand of the artist, and the woman’s skin picks up the Echo’s peachy hues. “I would install the portrait paper at the ned of a long hallway with the side walls washed in the softness and shimmer of the kintsugi,” said Boston designer Melissa Hammond


Satori Echo is shown above.

Vogue: 20 of the Most Beautiful Summer Products for Home

19/20 Calico Topographies Wallpaper

Despite the June Gloom, summer is really, finally here. And considering that fact, your home likely needs a solid design refresh. luckily, there are plenty of new products worthy of your attention, knowledge, and ultimate purchase…


Topographies Winter is shown above.

Domino: This Ethereal Wallpaper Line Is Inspired By Auras

If you’re a fan of aura photography, we’ve found the wallpaper for you. Brooklyn-based bespoke wallpaper company Calico Wallpaper is launching a new line called Aura. As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by unseen energy fields and incorporates aura photography in a series of digital wallpaper designs…


Aura in Ajna, Svad, and Mula are shown above.

Interior Design: Tokyobike Taps 3 Top Designers for New Collection

Japanese cycling company tokyobike has revealed a collaboration with three award-winning designers for its inaugural set of limited-edition bicycles. The independent brand, based in Tokyo suburb Yanaka, looked to Calico Wallpaper, OTHR co-founder Joe Doucet, and Everythign Elevated to create a new collection of bicycles – the Designer Series – that translates hallmark of each practice onto an unexplored form. The collection will be available at tokyobike’s flagship store in New York City starting on May 10.

Vogue: The Bold and the Beautiful: The Best of New York Design Week

NYCxDesign, colloquially known as New York Design Week, is once again off and running. The event, which opened Wednesday, technically runs through May 24. In other words? The week may be winding down, but for those enthralled by all things design, there’s still plenty of time to see and be seen. Above, as a jumping-off guide, to further pique your interest, we’ve rounded up some of our personal favorites. Across the board, minimalist tendencies marry with detail-oriented craftmanship. each piece, whether it’s a collaboration or part of an actual exhibition, is truly the sum of its parts. But don’t just take our word for it, click your way trough the snapshots of the innovative installations and memorable collections currently on view.

Calico Wallpaper’s Collaborations
Woodlands, Fields, Moors by Faye Toogood, pictured here, is an immersive mural experience. Nick and Rachel Cope, the husband-wife team behind Calico, are also debuting a collaboration with design world darling Ana Kraš. Kraš work is titled Mira & Miloš.


Mira & Miloš Vetar and Woodlands Fields Moors in Moors are shown above.

Sacramento Home: By The Bay

In the girls’ bedroom, sophisticated wallpaper takes the edge off the hot-pink color scheme…


Night in a custom colorway is shown in the article “By The Bay” in the Spring 2017 issue of Sacramento Home.

The Architect’s Newspaper: Collective Design Fair 2017 Recap

Collective Design opened today for its fifth fair focused on 20th-and 21st century design with 28 exhibitors. Founded by architect and interior designer Steven Learner specifically for the design and architectural community, the fair will host galleries, designers, and commercial brands from May 3 to May 7…

Other highlights included new iterations of Apparatus’s, Stickbulb’s, and Calico Wallpaper’s offerings from Milan Design Week, as well as the Noguchi Museum’s Waiting Room installation…


Mira & Miloš in Vetar & Tvid and Woodlands, Fields, Moors Moors are shown above.

Surface Magazine: Best of Collective 2017

The fifth edition of the Collective Design Fair opens today in New York City with a roster of 30 galleries showing contemporary design work from around the world. Surface Magazine editors stopped by yesterday’s preview and selected ten of their favorite objects from the fair, which runs through Sunday, May 7.

Woodlands, Fields, Moors in the colorway Moors is currently on display at Collective Design Fair.

Christie’s Interiors Magazine Issue 17: The Midas touch

For design couple Nick and Rachel Cope, wallpaper is never just wallpaper. In their hands, ancient decorative techniques and modern-day technology are melded together in radical ways to create hypnotic, ethereal environments. ‘What interests us is that wallpaper can make a space feel immersive, or it can be like a piece of art on the wall,’ says Rachel of the founding principle behind Calico Wallpaper, the company she and her husband launched five years ago out of their apartment in Brooklyn…

Apartment Therapy: Bring Back the Stone Age: How To Take the Marble Trend to the Next Level

Calico Wallpaper

The folks at Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper were way out ahead of the trend towards marble wallpaper, and their designs are still some of my favorites. Their original collection includes the marbelized paper pictured above, and their Inverted Spaces Collection, featured in a couple of the rooms in the slideshow up top, has swirly, gold-and-silver touched patterns that resemble stone but also conjure up images of the heavens. These are also murals, available in custom sizes.

Wabi Cloud; Inverted Spaces Andromeda, Orion; and Lunaris Midnight are shown above.

2017 Architizer A+ Awards Winner

Calico Wallpaper is excited to announce that our Satori Collection has been chosen by the jury of the Architizer A+ Awards as the winner of the Finishes- Wall Coverings & Ceilings category.

Architizer: Milan Design Week 2017 Through the Lens

We may have already named our favorite 10 installations seen during Milan Design Week 2017, but in reality, that list could easily have been 20 (or 30) as there were feasts for the eyes just about everywhere we looked. Today, we showcase the rest of the best spotted in the various design districts, historic sites, and the Milano fairgrounds, home of Salone del Mobile.

Calico Wallpaper
The wallpaper concern’s new collaborations were installed exhibit-style in a gallery space of the Brera district. The biggest standout? In our opinion, it was Snarkitecture‘s Topographies, which looks like a three-dimensional torn-paper composition from afar but up close, is actually a two-dimensional pixelated wall covering.

Topographies Winter; Microcosmos Umbra & Plume are shown above.

WSJ Magazine: The House of Toogood

According to Toogood, it was her somewhat isolated childhood in picturesque Rutland County, in the English countryside – where she spent the majority of her time outdoors – that ignited her imagination… This month, Toogood’s studio is launching several projects during Milan’s annual Salone del Mobile furniture fair. Among them are a handcrafted rug collection for CC-Tapis, a fiberglass and aluminum lighting range for Matter and a series of wall coverings for Calico Wallpaper. Faye Toogood Was the Master of Milan

Two of her introductions – the wallpaper she designed with Calico and the handmade quilts she stitched for Once Milano (they’re hanging in BDDW) – reflect one of Toogood’s most personal interests: painting. “There is a freedom in this way of working, by hand painting, and I enjoy that very direct sense of craft, without any technology,” she says. For both projects she worked directly on canvas, building up images through appliqué on the quilts, and then encasing a room in her brushstroke renditions of the English countryside, for Calico. “I felt it quite wonderful to literally bring the countryside inside.”

Woodlands, Fields, Moors in Fields is shown above. Milan Design Week 2017: The Top 10 Very Best in Show

Calico Wallpaper’s exhibition “Imagined Landscape” offers a series of wall murals by cutting-edge designers, like BCXSY’s delicate Microcosmos, Ana Kraš’s Mira & Miloš Collection, Snarkitecture’s Topographies Collection, and the whimsical Woodlands, Fields, Moors Collection by Faye Toogood, the British designer whose work seems to be all over Milan this year.

Woodlands, Fields, Moors Fields is shown above.

Wallpaper* Salone del Mobile 2017

Calico Walpaper’s new launches this year includes Snarkitecture’s architectural torn paper wall covering… and a bucolic scene by Faye Toogood.

…In the confines of Rosanna Orlandi’s creative sanctuary, Sé has styled an apartment furnished top to toe with its products. The space includes fabrics by Dedar, and a new design by BCXSY for Calico Wallpaper.

Mira, Roze; Woodlands, Fields, Moors Fields; and Microcosmos Plume are shown above. Calico Wallpaper Collaborates with Faye Toogood, Snarkitecture, Ana Kraš, and BCXSY

Some subjects in art never cease to be reinterpreted. One such everlasting muse? The landscape. For Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper’s Imagined Landscape presentation in Milan’s Brera Design District this week – their first ever stand-alone exhibition for Milan Design Week – the husband-and-wife duo asked four of their favorite creatives to turn their personalized riffs on landscapes into digitally printed wallpapers…

Microcosmos Umbra, Plume; Topographies Winter; Microcosmos Crest; and Fields, Woodlands, Moors Fields are shown above.

NYTimes: Interior Design Risks Worth Taking

Megan Hopp, an interior designer with Homepolish, used abstract custom wallpaper with a cosmic theme in lavender and silver to enliven a small, plain bedroom in an East Village apartment she decorated for a client last year… The print, a metallic wash from Calico Wallpaper’s Inverted Spaces collection, takes up two walls in the bedroom and cost about $4,000. “It was a big price tag, but we all agreed that it really is a work of art on its own,” Ms. Hopp said. “We kept every other piece really neutral – no pattern, no color, nothing, an absolutely clean canvas – so as to let this glorious paper do its thing.”

Inverted Spaces Andromeda is shown above

Wallpaper*.com: Kelly Behun Styles a ‘living gallery’ inside Rafael Viñoly’s 432 Park Avenue

‘When you are working with a view this gobsmacking, there is no reason to even try to upstage them, it isn’t possible,’ Behun says. Still, the interior designer did not shy away from lavish accents; gold accessories by Tom Dixon and New York studio Apparatus glisten in the apartment’s natural light, while Calico’s embellished ‘Satori’ drip wallpaper has been realised in a striking bespoke blue…

Satori in a custom color way and substrate is shown above

Inc. Magazine: Better Halves

Starting a business with your spouse. To some, it may sound like trouble; for others, like these six couples who are partners in life and work, it has produced harmony and great returns. If you’re considering going down that path, take their advice by protecting clearly defined roles, open lines of communication, and a strongly grounded relationship…

Video interview here

Featured in the article “Better Halves” in the February 2017 issue of Inc. magazine

Architectural Digest: The Future Perfect’s New Los Angeles Showroom Is a Midcentury-Modern Dream

Eschewing traditional retail venues, company founder David Alhadeff established his new L.A. outpost in a private residence in the hills above West Hollywood… Open by appointment only, Casa Perfect beckons visitors with the promise of a more intimate interaction with the company’s wide-ranging collections… Casa Perfect’s inaugural installation features a variety of product introductions dispersed throughout the four-bedroom home and its patios and gardens.

Aurora Ray and Cirrus Vapor are shown above

Australian Home Beautiful: Welcome Home

Two feature walls covered in ‘Wabi Cloud’ wallpaper in Gold by Calico add drama to the kitchen… “I came across Rachel and Nick Cope of Calico in New York,” says Faith. “Their custom-made wallpapers are handmade using a marbling process. It has a uniqueness and individuality to it, and I love the gold bling, too.”

Wabi Cloud is featured in the article “Welcome Home” in the February 2017 copy of Home Beautiful AU

Architectural Digest: A First Look at the Most Expensive Suite at the Time New York Hotel

Located just a few blocks from the hubbub of Times Square, the Time New York Hotel recently revealed a multimillion-dollar redesign courtesy of the acclaimed Rockwell Group. Inspired by modern art and the concept of time, the property is part of a crop of recently renovated hotels sporting midcentury-modern design. The dressing room… in the Time New York Hotel’s penthouse suite… – inspired by a jewel box – features gold accents and marbled wallpaper.

Lunaris in a custom color way is shown above

Architectural Digest: The Stunning Transformation of a Brooklyn Apartment

Interior designer and social media darling Megan Pflug uses subtle hues and natural light to reinvent a previously cramped space… Floor-to-ceiling curtains draw attention to the 12-foot ceilings in the living room, while the Calico wallpaper adds visual interest. “I liked the idea of using gold and metallics to add warmth and play with texture,” Peterson says.

Wabi Cloud is shown above

W Magazine: The Best of Design Miami 2016

Now in its 12th year, Design Miami, which kicked off this week with the rest of the Art Basel brouhaha, is sporting a new look… At Friedman Benda, you couldn’t not notice the RISD-trained designer Misha Kahn’s arresting cabinet, made of grass woven by women in Swaziland, beach glass, part of an oil tank and other bits of refuse. It stood against the quietly shimmering backdrop of Calico Wallpaper’s Aurora print.

Custom checkered Aurora Heaven is featured in the article “Old School and Cutting Edge Furniture to Blow Your Mind: The Best of Design Miami 2016” in the December 2016 round up by W Magazine

Wallpaper* Magazine Online: Design Miami 2016

As the global design and art communities decamp to Florida’s balmy climes for this year’s blockbuster edition of Design Miami (1-4 December 2016), we bring you the highlights as they happen… Two juxtaposing sets faced off at Friedman Benda’s stand. In an installation titled Asymmetrical Symmetry, the duet of mise-en-scènes showcased the works of 11 international artists.

Checkered custom Aurora Heaven is shown above