Overgrow | Calico Wallpaper x Charlap Hyman & Herrero

We are proud to introduce our newest collection, Overgrow, created in collaboration with interior design and architecture firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero. The work was created for Schloss Hollenegg for Design, an Austrian residency program located in a historic castle, that supports young emerging designers with the aim to create space for design research, thinking, and critique.

This year the residency and exhibition are themed ‘Walden’.


“It is the time to bring nature back in our everyday life: not the romanticized, sanitized, domesticated version of it, but the gritty, wild stuff. We need to embrace the undomesticated, feral side of nature and allow pockets of wilderness to take over. And live with the simplicity of the philosopher.”

– Alice Stori Lichtenstein, Director of Schloss Hollenegg for Design


Inspired by the lush and verdant vines that spill down from covered walkways, staircases, and towers around the property, the mural transforms the castle’s Tapestry Room into an immersive space where the distinction between the decorated interior and the wilderness beyond is obscured.

While referencing the presence of historical landscape wallpaper throughout the castle, the mural serves as both a romantic suggestion of man’s relationship with nature and an ominous reminder that all buildings will become ruins eventually, overtaken by the untamable.

This year, the castle will not be able to open its doors to visitors in person, however, the exhibition will be shown digitally.

You can view the work online on Adorno, a platform for collectible craft and design, and enjoy a 3D walkthrough, including the tapestry room featuring the Overgrow installation on the Schloss Hollenegg homepage.