An awakening to the beauty in the weatherings of time

*Please note that this wallpaper is printed on a specialty material that uses real press metals, imperfections may occur that add to the authenticity of our custom printed designs.

The Satori Collection features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi—the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. Using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum to create flowing metallic lines, the Kintsugi practice turns a crack or break into a detail to be showcased rather than disguised.

Perhaps the first wallpaper to ever be printed on metallic leaf in such a way the Satori Collection combines luxurious materials and textures with watercolors’ soft hues. To create its six colorways we developed an array of subtle washes inspired by the textures of ceramic glazing. We complemented these washes with a meticulously hand painted motif that echoes a Kintsugi repair line. Digitally layering these hand painted works, we used the drip as a pattern, mapping out a negative space within the watercolors. We then printed the resulting image onto a delicately made metal leaf, allowing this omission to reveal the precious metal beneath. The result is our most elegant collection to date.

The art of Kintsugi shares commonalities with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which finds value in the flawed or imperfect. According to this thinking, an object’s marks of wear are seen to enhance its value. The Satori Collection is inspired by an esteem for the traces of the past. The name Satori comes from the Buddhist term for “awakening”—we created the collection out of a desire to become more alive to the history that surrounds us, and to embrace the changes that come with the passage of time.

Video by Lauren Coleman