Lush and verdant vines that spill down from above, adorned with a variety of insect life

For the Gobelin Room at Schloss Hollenegg, Charlap Hyman & Herrero has created a printed mural from hand painted artworks to clad both wall and ceiling. Overgrow depicts the lush and verdant vines that spill down from covered walkways, staircases, and towers throughout the castle, teaming with a variety of insect life. By bringing this defining feature of the facade indoors, the designers distort the distinction between the decorated interior and the wilderness beyond, while referencing the presence of historical landscape wallpaper throughout the castle. Installed amongst the furnishings of a stately bedroom and large tapestries from the 17th century, the mural teeters between a romantic suggestion of man’s poetic relationship with nature and an ominous reminder that all buildings will become ruins eventually, overtaken by the untamable.

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