Telluride Home

Overgrow in Alice are featured in the entry vestibule of this gorgeous home in Telluride, Colorado.

  • “My inspiration was pared down Nordic design to really let the outside be the star, but adding in a few exciting moments.
  • it’s my home that i share with my husband so I just let loose, got creative and made it personal. 
  • I wanted something impactful that would create a delightful moment to welcome you into our home. The space is a pass-through so I knew I could go high impact.
  • The wallpaper is a genius design – it envelops the room without being overwhelming. There is a lot of breathing room. What I love about it is how it works with the seasons in Colorado- in the super lush spring and summer we get to really feel like the outside came creeping in (in a good way!) And in the snow-covered winter i get the burst of green that I always want to see in the house. I don’t need to bring flowers into that room as its evergreen!  Also, there is a bit of wit and whimsy to the paper which suits me, my style and my personality. Let’s not take it too seriously shall we!?”  -Kimille Taylor

Designed by Kimille Taylor and Steve Morton

Photography by Emily Minton Redfield