Domino: Rainbow Rooms: Jessica Ayromloo’s Venice California Project

In the context of the Venice canal area—which is known for its anything-goes fashion scene, graffiti art, and quirky architecture (their neighbor’s facade has dog heads painted on it)—saturating the former beige and gray space in expressive shades of turquoise, pink, and green just made sense. Plus the homeowner, a former artist, has an unwavering opinion about the value of color. “It really has to satisfy my emotional palette,” she says.

That fascination with “odd” chromatic combinations stems from her artist days: Many of her hard-edge paintings, which can be found throughout the house, were grounds for experimentation. And so covering the stairs and kitchen walls in Calico’s gradient Aurora wallpaper turned the space into something special.

The same treatment makes an appearance in the main bedroom, this time in a wispy blue version that speaks to the aqua headboard (the bespoke tufted piece was inspired by the equally chunky sofa downstairs). Yellow was a natural jumping-off point from there, but Ayromloo still felt like the room needed a third hue. “Pink came into the picture because it just softened everything up,” she says. “Why throw in something muted when all the other rooms are so saturated?”

Business of Home: New and Noteworthy Designs December 2021

Calico Wallpaper debuted a dreamy collection of ombré wallcoverings called Colorwash. Inspired by the gradient colors of the sky on a cloudy day, the wallpaper comes in eight soothing colorways, ranging from a sunny golden yellow named Arise to the earthy dusk-colored Transcend.

Wallpaper*: New York Design Week 2021 Highlights

The veteran design studio Meyer Davis unveils two collaborations with Stellar Works and Calico Wallpaper this week. Launched together under Meyer Davis’ product label William Gray, the new offerings include a pair of bespoke wallcoverings – the botanically inspired ‘Wilds’ design and the more collage-driven ‘Ephemera’ pattern – that are displayed alongside pieces from the brand’s existing furniture collection with Stellar Works. Transforming Stellar Works’ New York showroom into an evocative living room setting, the warm and eclectic display is hospitality at its best.


At first glance, Rachel and Nicholas Cope’s New York home—with its stately front porch, tidy lawn, and statuesque dogwood tree—has all the hallmarks of an idyllic suburban retreat. But the six-bedroom residence isn’t located in a Hudson Valley hamlet or nestled in the bucolic wilds of the Catskills. Instead, it’s situated on a quiet street in Brooklyn, just five minutes from Prospect Park and a short subway ride from Manhattan.

The Copes, who purchased the house in 2019, had previously been living in a loft above a grocery store in Red Hook. The industrial enclave by the Brooklyn waterfront is where they first hatched their business, Calico Wallpaper, which turns out fashionably bespoke wallcoverings in an extensive array of patterns that range from the whimsical to the otherworldly.

AN Interior: Better Together: Calico Wallpaper and Stellar Works co-retail in New York’s storied Pearl Paint building

Many months in the making, the new flagship of Stellar Works and Calico Wallpaper outpost has opened in the historic Tribeca building once occupied by the beloved, long-defunct Pearl Paint art supply store. Both illustrious design brands—often grabbing headlines with their dynamic wares—decided to join forces late last year and adopt the now popular co-retail model. The mutual benefits of this approach are wide-reaching, especially in the post-pandemic climate. While Calico Wallpaper continues to produce sought-after hand-painted collections, Stellar Works’s high-profile collaborations grow its already robust offering of well-crafted, soberly-styled furniture and lighting. Transforming 4,000 square feet of post-industrial Italianate storefront was a labor of love.
Images by Matthew Williams

Design Milk: Designer Desktop Wallpaper September 2021

This month’s Designer Desktop is a collaboration between long time favorite Calico Wallpaper and their guest, French designer Sam Baron. Titled Noir, the new wallpaper design is an exploration in refined restraint and essential materials. Paper, paint and brush were the only tools used in the creation of Noir, resulting in the detailed broad brushstrokes that characterize the collection. Noir is also inspired by French artist Pierre Soulages and his famous “Outrenoir” style that highlights the endless depth that the color black produces, which the artist sees “both as a color and a non-color. When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens a mental field all on its own.”

Featuring Noir in Velvet

Surface: New and Notable September 2021

Following their moody Noir collection, the Brooklyn-based wallpaper brand chronicles the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing sky in its latest launch titled Atmosphere. The eight-part series channels atmospheric clouds and abstracts their hues into a medley of hand-painted scenes that take inspiration from the amorous works of artist J.M.W. Turner.

Featuring our Atmosphere collection

dezeen: Ten Joyful Interiors with Decorative Printed Wallpaper

Brooklyn studios, Workstead and Calico Wallpaper teamed up to create this installation inside New York’s Arcade Bakery, which was also designed by Workstead. The abstract Relic wallpaper was used to decorate the bakery’s cosy alcoves and features a mixture of sheer tissue paper and metallic and matte elements.

Contrasted against the bakery’s marble floors and wooden panelling, the wallpaper adds a sunny splash of colour that is still in keeping with the historic 1929 building.

Curbed: A Design Exhibit of Work Made Entirely by Mothers

For this wallpaper (Duet), Calico co-founder Rachel Cope gave her 6-year-old daughter a few oil crayons and invited her to scribble on the wall. After Willow was finished, Rachel filled in the gaps to make the final abstract — and satisfyingly unruly — motif.