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November 27, 2023

Forbes: The Malin Doubles Down On Design-Centric Workspace Savvy With SoHo Flagship Expansion

In the dynamic cityscape that shapes New York City’s identity, the workspace revolution continues to gain momentum. Standing at the helm of this transformation is The Malin, a members-only, work-focused club. With the recent growth of its SoHo flagship, The Malin unveils an expansive vision that sees their original Mercer Street location doubling in size—and doubling down on company’s unique offering: thoughtfully designed interiors that amplify productivity, spur creativity, and infuse quiet luxury. Extrapolating its appeal across varied industries, The Malin has been agile in meeting the ever-evolving needs of its members by capitalizing on a dynamic landlord partnership and integrated design capabilities, ramping up its footprint to reveal a gamut of sophisticated work and meeting environments adorned with high-design elements.

Central to the expanded floor plan are two new meeting spaces, including the Spring Room, a generously proportioned 18-person boardroom ready to host pivotal presentations and vital company discussions. The demand for such amenities has proven increasingly formidable since the inception of The Malin—proof of the insatiable hunger for hybrid workspaces among professionals in the city.

With its neighborhood-first approach and a fine balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, The Malin isn’t merely redefining workspaces. It is reinventing the experience of work itself, becoming a cornerstone in the ambitious 15-minute cities concept one beautiful space at a time.

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Photography by: @Sean Robertson / @Adela Julevic