An immersive installation on the theme of motherhood was conceived to adorn the walls of Egg Collective’s showroom. It combines the innocence and joy of childhood creativity with an exploration of the familial bonds expressed in our every gesture.

Highlighting the imaginative, whimsical, and intuitive nature of the artistic practice shared between mother and daughter, the project takes the form of a live collaboration hand-drawn by Rachel Cope alongside her daughter Willow. Beginning with a raw linen wall covering, the duo created gestural drawings with a curated palette of oil sticks. Using a freeform, full-body approach, the mural traces Rachel and Willow’s tandem movements, capturing the spontaneity that guides their creation of abstract shapes and patterns.

Designing Women III: MOTHER is the third in a series of curated exhibitions from Egg Collective which highlight women in the applied and fine arts. Duet, 2021 sits among the works of twenty-eight historical and contemporary artists and designers – all mothers who have made or are in the process of making contributions to the art and design landscape..

Photography courtesy of Matthew Johnson and Nicole Franzen