Scenic Reservoir | NYC Showroom

Calico Wallpaper is proud to present this installation of Scenic in the colorway Reservoir, a collaboration with Elizabeth Roberts of Elizabeth Roberts Architects, at our showroom in Tribeca NYC in 2022.

Elizabeth Roberts’ approach to creating the Scenic wallpaper collection was deeply rooted in historical context and local inspiration. She began by exploring the heritage of wallpaper, particularly the ornate landscape murals that adorned New York’s prestigious dining rooms prior to the advent of repeat-printing. Although these early wallpapers often depicted exotic, faraway landscapes, Roberts chose to honor the familiar beauty of Brooklyn’s own Prospect Park, an urban oasis designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.

Drawing from a 1910 postcard of Prospect Park, Roberts employed architectural sketch techniques like cross-hatching and stippling to craft a hand-drawn representation of the park’s undulating landscape. The result is a detailed ink drawing that combines the spontaneity of a painter’s brushstroke with the meticulousness of architectural precision. This design is a contemplative celebration of Brooklyn’s verdant scenery, encapsulating both its pastoral tranquility and urban vitality.

In our showroom, the Scenic collection served as a versatile backdrop that resonates with the city’s dynamic blend of history and modernity. The wallpaper’s design, which is expansive yet detailed, offers a sense of elegance suitable for formal spaces, but its grounded depiction of a local park makes it just as fitting for more relaxed or industrial settings. With the flexibility to accommodate various architectural features and available in seven different colorways, Scenic is a tribute to the city’s landscape, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional concept of scenic wallpaper.

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