Jannat Vasi: Summer Home

Summer Home is a bespoke project done with one of our favorite interior designers, Jannat Vasi. In the metropolis of Mumbai, Jannat succeeded in making this residence a relaxed and lighthearted destination with an abundance of visual interest by combining 5 distinct Calico Wallpapers across the property.

The first wallpaper that can be seen when entering the property is Brasscloth, in the colorway Mica, installed in the Dining room. The vibrant orange hue graduating into the metallic silver sets the tone for the rest of the space; current, stimulating, and vivacious.

Further, Jannat chose Willow in the colorway Tundra, a shade of Robin’s Egg Blue that feels airy and delicate, for the living room. The vertical marbling of the pattern along with the natural-wood vaulted ceiling lift the space skyward.

Reverie, in Wonder, shows its versatility in a room serving dual purposes. This room is spacious and open during the day, with Wonder’s sunny yellows and organic greens mirroring the outside just beyond the floor to ceiling window in a way that feels subtle and natural. Later, this room reinvents itself. It can be separated with a pocket door, and the bookcase transforms to a bed. In this new setting, Wonder also transforms. The boldness of the colors and brush strokes are exposed by this more intimate reframing of the room, becoming the focal point.

In a nearby bathroom, Relic Tabla has found a sister in white marble. The room is halved between top and bottom, yet the striations in the marble discover parity in the pattern of Tabla forming a harmonious duet, filling the whole room with a dynamic energy.

Finally, in the primary bedroom, Aurora Ray is used in an imaginative way. This paper has been applied across a full wall of closet doors, bookended on one side by luminous golden panels and the actual sun, through a window, on the other. The combined achievement of these 2 suns freeze time in its most beautiful moment, ensuring an omnipresent dawn is always just breaking, to greet you from slumber.

Designed by Jannat Vasi Interiors