FvF Vitra Apartment

German for ‘friend of a friend,’ Freunde von Freunden is an independent international publication with an authentic word-of-mouth feel that profiles inspiring people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. In 2015 they partnered with Swiss manufacturers Vitra to create the FvF Apartment in Berlin—a physical expression of their online publication. The FvF Apartment is used to showcase designs and host events by friends and collaborators.

Calico Wallpaper was proud to be included in the project and worked with FvF to install a custom mural of Aurora in Heaven, creating a distinctive feature wall in the apartment. Heaven’s soothing gradient pattern adds a utopian touch to the beautifully curated creative space.

The apartment has been designed to be fully adaptable to the diverse and often unexpected scenarios of everyday life, reflecting how a creative, mobile and digitally-oriented generation lives. It serves not only as a platform for innovative products from friends and partners, but as a unique venue for events, workshops, and presentations.