Calico in the Wild: Studio DB Twin bedroom

In This Whimsical Kids’ Room, It’s Summer All Year Round!

When a Tribeca family hired New York–based Studio DB to help seamlessly merge their current apartment with the unit next door, one of the items on their to-do list was converting a former family room into their 8-year-old daughter’s bedroom, now much larger than her previous one. “They let us go wild!” says designer Britt Zunino, principal at the firm she owns with her husband, architect Damian Zunino. They filled the space with a field’s worth of wildflowers, while a built-in climbing area and hidden roost above it all expands her room to roam.

“We were really interested in a modern take on that traditional play of all-over pattern,” Britt explains. She chose Brooklyn-based Calico’s mural-like Flora wallpaper as the backdrop, then worked with the company to create a matching linen-cotton blend for the twin headboards (the second bed is handy for sleepovers) and a sheer for the curtains. “We customized and scaled everything for the room so the walls and fabrics would seamlessly flow together,” she notes.

Even kids need “me time,” so the team built what’s essentially a private jungle gym—complete with a rope climbing net and private reading nook— using powder-coated steel for the ladder rungs and hanging bars. “The room had tall ceilings and we wanted to maximize the vertical space,” Britt says. “We always aim to come up with clever ideas for every square inch.”



Designed by Studio DB

Photography by Matthew Williams

Styling by Hilary Roberston

Publication is Frederic Mag