An imagined journey into the depths of a wondrous realm

Wanderlust succumbs to the allure of the journey, suspending place and time and inviting the viewer into a fantastical rainforest.

Inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau–many of which were conceived in botanical gardens not far from his home in Paris–the collection delves into the depths of an exotic landscape embellished by the imagination. Working with a flatness of form and a playful take on scale, we created an immersive hand painted mural that depicts wild and colorful creatures camouflaged in a stylized jungle of succulent plants and flowering foliage. A series of distinctive colorways capture shifts in light and climate, which are enhanced by the glistening surface of metal leaf.

Wanderlust arises from a fascination with uncharted territories, and the yearning to discover an unfamiliar world. It follows the call of the unknown, taking us on a journey to the far reaches of the imagination—and beyond.