An immersion in leafy forms overlaid in a dense, shadowy mosaic

Calico Wallpaper in blue floral
Jason Miller for Calico Wallpaper
Calico Wallpaper Multi-Color Floral Painting
Calico Wallpaper Multi-Color Floral Inspiration
Calico Wallpaper Multi-Color Floral
Calico Wallpaper Multi-Color Floral

A collaboration with guest designer Jason Miller, founder of Jason Miller Studio and Roll & Hill, Verdure brings nature indoors with an immersive design of abstracted botanical shapes that create the effect of a living, textural surface, crafted from intricate layers of handpainted elements.

The motifs draw inspiration from the Northern California coast where seaside cliffs meet redwood forests. Tiny blossoms form a lush ground cover, buffeted by wind and salt spray creating a dense and diverse understory. Working with the blurred boundaries of watercolors, Jason created a series of lush colorways that transport the rugged fragility of this coastal flora to the edge of abstraction. Leaf forms overlay in dense and shifting patterns, as if woven by nature, and the resulting design feels evocatively alive.

Verdure combines transparent layers of flowery, leafy shapes with flickering metallic highlights, absorbing naturalistic influences into an alluring and amorphous aesthetic in which fragile forms and elemental forces coexist in dynamic harmony.