An immersion in the ever-changing majesty of the mountains

Inspired by photographs taken by AB Concept founder Ed Ng of the seasonal scenery that surrounds his home in mountainous Karuizawa, Japan, Tableau captures the brisk yet soft, dream-like light and color of the Japanese Alps.

Drawing on various abstract and artistic painting techniques, we worked with interior design and architecture studio AB Concept to capture this majestic landscape from a range of perspectives–from distant and delicate to fully immersive. A backdrop of fine line strokes in varying lengths and densities illustrate the coniferous forest as each colorway explores the micro-season of a particular time of day. This panoramic scene reveals reflective touches, creating a glistening mountainscape that is at once evocative and serene.

Tableau captures the mesmerizing qualities of a mountain range as it transforms in reaction to the clouds, light, snow and mist. Undulating curves and layers combine with the diverse trees and plants that create an ever-changing texture on the terrain, inviting us to continually discover the landscape anew.

AB Concept Bio:

Founded in 1999 by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, AB Concept is an international interior design and architecture studio focused on creating moments that matter in luxury environments across the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. The studio’s design approach is unique, drawing similarities to how a chef develops a recipe; exploring local culture and experimenting with tastes and skills. Resulting projects are a culmination of these vital ingredients offering bespoke experiences through narrative-driven interiors with meticulous attention to detail.