A choreography of landscape, light and shadow

“There is something magical and mercurial about the interplay of light and

shadow – it’s an endless dance – and the notion of being able to capture a

moment in their choreography was too good to pass up.”

– Kelly Behun

Sylvan is one of two unique hand painted patterns created with guest designer Kelly Behun of Kelly Behun Studio. Each originates from a fascination with the way light changes throughout the day and year, exploring the hypnotic effect of sunlight’s interaction with the world around us.

The inspiration for Sylvan lies in the shadows cast by trees on snow covered mountains. To emphasize the beautiful undulating quality of the shadows, we abstracted the trees into simple vertical elements that act as markers, highlighting how the play of shadows enhances the topography hidden beneath the blanket of snow.

In Sylvan, the relationship of sunlight and shadow together create a rhythm that feels like a song rendered in light.