An illusion of water’s invisible movements

Sumi is named after the Japanese tradition of Suminagashi marbling. This ancient art form involves floating richly colored inks in water to create naturally emerging patterns.

Drawing on this time-honored technique, we crafted a series of seven Sumi colorways. Each distinctive pattern is formed by the ebb of ink flowing and floating on water. The subtlest gesture creates a ripple effect, amplifying outwards. We are captivated by the ways in which water and ink intermingle but remain apart. The process produces complex layered patterns that are suggestive of water’s hidden movements and unending depths.

Sumi invites deep reflection, simultaneously evoking the shape of earth, stone, water, and air.

See projects below:

Swarovski at Design Miami

Sonoma County Restaurant

Beyond the Deep at Salone del Mobile

EXHIBITION by Frampton Co

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Photography by Matthew Johnson

Suminagashi process with co-founder Rachel Cope by Matthew Johnson with supplemental footage by Oliver Jevremov and music by Podington Bear (March) for Cereal Magazine