A luminous exploration into the layers of time

Relic makes use of mixed materials to explore the hidden intrigues evoked by ancient objects.

Drawing on the ability of relics to at once elucidate and mystify, Relic uses layering to reveal and obscure. Beginning with a base of essential hues, we worked with translucent papers to create irregular layers that alternatively mask and define the background in a delicate interplay between positive and negative space. A methodical process of overlay and glazing creates the illusion of movement and depth, as though light were playing through the artwork. This handcrafted pattern is printed on a metallic wallpaper for an experience of an immersive, luminous surface.

Relic is inspired by the act of uncovering objects from ancient eras, and the profound feeling of discovery offered by these traces, hinting at complex cultures that remain unknown.

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Visions/Perceptions at Triode Paris

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Photography by Matthew Johnson