An ambient collection inspired by the refraction and diffusion of light

The Prism Collection is inspired by a stay at a secluded beachside cottage where the first rays of morning light would shine through decorative crystals suspended in the windowpanes, infusing the sunlight with flashes of chromatic color that danced across the rustic walls.

To create the collection, we worked with various prismatic forms, experimenting with the spectrum of colors produced by the refraction and diffusion of light. We photographed these choreographed scenes and used collage to create compositions that capture the effect of dappled light playing naturally across a surface. We then set these photographic collages against ambient hues, creating a series of five opalescent colorways.

The Prism Collection celebrates the simple beauty of sunlight, and a prism’s miraculous ability to reveal the complete spectrum of colors contained within a single beam of light.

Photography by Matthew Johnson