A celebration of the line in its most essential form

Oblique’s sinuous lines evoke the tranquility of the natural currents of the Mediterranean Sea, where the flowing water traces the contours of endless archipelagos.

Drawing inspiration from the continuous pathways formed by the nomadic movements of water, we worked with free flowing gestures to capture the expressive nuances of a line. Undulating through space, the line shifts in thickness and color creating unexpected moments of illusion and depth. We then set this design against a textured background, playing with negative space using subtle variations of color. The result is an interconnected pattern immersed in soft hues.

Oblique is an intuitive exploration of the shape of a line, revealing the complex compositions that can originate from a singular form. In following divergent yet continuous pathways, we glimpse the richness of an essential logic which infuses everything from our simplest gestures to the vast movements of oceans.