A celebration of the feminine in all of its forms

Faye Toogood Portrait by Philip Sinden
Process Imagery provided by Faye Toogood Studio

Muse is a collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and Faye Toogood that celebrates the diversity of womankind.

The collection features a tableau of female faces that both complement and intermingle with one another. Hand painted by Faye Toogood, the composition depicts subjects with a rich array of features, poses, and expressions, all rendered with sweeping brushstrokes. We set this singular illustration against distinctive background colors to create a series of five colorways. Clients can select a section of the artwork to be transformed into an immersive custom fit mural. As a a result, each installation takes a unique form, further highlighting the celebration of individuality that is fundamental to the design.

Muse is an expressive and inclusive homage to the feminine in all of its forms. Calico Wallpaper is thrilled to have collaborated with Faye Toogood to bring this artwork into people’s homes.

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Tribeca Model Apartment

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