A meditative journey through lunar landscapes

 Lunaris celebrates the mesmerizing qualities of the night sky, drawing inspiration from the topography of distant planets and, delving into the mysteries of the moon.

Influenced by the Japanese philosophy captured by the phrase “mono no aware” (物の哀れ) which translates to “the pathos of things” or “a sensitivity to ephemera”, Lunaris explores the subtlety of detail found in the unique qualities of the moon. Working with traditional marbling techniques, we combined cool grays and silver metallics to create an array of interconnected circular forms, capturing the calming hues of moonlight, and illustrating the renewal embodied in lunar cycles. 

At once evocative of the expansive craters scattered across the surface of the moon and the microscopic cells that are the source of all life, Lunaris was designed to express a recognition of the all-importance of minute details, and celebrate the smallest atom’s integral connection to the universe as a whole.

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