Soft geometries dissolving in a radiant haze

Taking influence from artists such as James Turell and ​​Olafur Eliasson, Glow captures color and light at their most fluid and dynamic limits. In this collection radiant blocks of color merge in shifting patterns, offering an immersive experience of endless tonal and textural complexity. The effect is that of hue and shape playing in multidimensional space. The viewer’s own position feels floating rather than fixed. We watch permeable color fields cast new angles, echo and dissolve across each other.

Glow returns to the foundations of the perceptual process. Where two colors join a new hue emerges at the intersection. The ideas for the individual colorways were discovered by making collages with colored vellum and by stacking translucent lucite sculptures, which revealed a new capacity of color and light in each combination. The colorways translate this inspiration into a wash of soft geometries, a haze of radiant refractions.