An illustration of the glacial movements that shape our landscapes

A collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and Fernando Mastrangelo Studio, Escape is inspired by the nomadic qualities of glaciers.

As a glacier moves imperceptibly across a landscape, it carves new forms into the earth’s surface, carrying with it traces from eras past as it shapes the topographies of the future. Escape’s ephemeral horizons remind us of the impermanence of this natural phenomenon. Made up of six distinctive colorways, each named after regions where glaciers are currently melting, the collection aims to inspire us to turn towards a more sustainable and symbiotic future, preserving the environments that bring beauty to our lives.

Fernando Mastrangelo is a Brooklyn-based artist with a deep commitment to ecological issues. His works are sculpted by hand from natural or repurposed materials such as sand, salt, silica, and crushed or powdered glass. Calico Wallpaper was honored to collaborate with Fernando Mastrangelo to create this impactful collection.

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