An assemblage of abstract forms

A guest designer collection created with Meyer Davis, Ephemera combines various shapes, textures and materials to assemble a dynamic composition that creates the illusion of depth on the wall.


Drawing inspiration from the approach of artists in the genre of Matisse, Calder and Brâncuși, Calico Wallpaper and award-winning studio Meyer Davis experimented with creating a collage using oversized abstract forms. By exploring a variety of materials with different textures and transparencies, and working with the contrast of light and shadow, we were able to create the visual effect of an embossed surface. The selected shapes are suggestive of the scraps and offcuts of an art practice, evoking the scattered ephemera that accumulates in a creative studio.


Featuring forms ranging from the organic to geometric, Ephemera reveals a richness of detail through the juxtaposition of unexpected elements.