An atmospheric collection, inspired by the formation of clouds

Evoking the illusive and ever-changing nature of clouds, Cirrus explores the elements of water, earth and atmosphere in a series of hand-painted watercolors.

Combining natural brushstrokes with a rich reflective glaze, Cirrus transposes a series of delicate washes onto gold and silver metallics. To create this collection we experimented with the effects of subtle textures and patterns while using only the simplest of materials. Beginning with minimal hues and carefully adjusting levels of saturation we gradually arrived at Cirrus’s delicately balanced tones. We printed this hand-painted pattern onto a metallic ground material, augmenting the soft watercolors with the golds and silvers of this lustrous backdrop. Available in six distinctive colorways, Cirrus evokes the formation and dissolution of clouds against an abstract horizon.

The collection is inspired by water’s perpetual transience. From its evaporation into a suspension of clouds, to its rainy return to the earth, and eventually its journey through streams and rivers to the ocean, water is in a perpetual state of transition. Counterbalancing this constant movement, we look to the steadying power of the horizon—a point of grounding as we are carried along by the life-water of our ever-changing environment.

Photography by Lauren Coleman

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