The strength and sheen of metal intermingles with the suppleness of woven texture

*Please note that this wallpaper is printed on a special material, and seams may be visible depending on the installation. We also offer this product on a more durable flat, metallic substrate; samples available upon request.

A playful take on a timeless interior wall-covering known as grass-cloth, Brasscloth combines a natural fibrous feel with a sleek finish that is rich in metallics and iridescent style.

Continuing Aurora’s exploration of gradients, Brasscloth employs an expanded range of colors to create what may be Calico Wallpaper’s most decadent collection to date. Working with natural fibers and techniques derived from the textile arts, we developed a highly textured surface that captures the qualities of woven grass. We then accentuated this tactile experience with a selection of bold, luminescent colors. The resulting collection consists of six burnished patterns that are at once opulent and grounded.

Inspired by the brilliance of naturally occurring elements, and the eons contained within their forms, Brasscloth pays tribute to the earth’s inner riches. Beneath the simple beauty of a grass-filled plain, precious minerals sparkle and entice. Brasscloth celebrates the optical illusions that illuminate metals and give decadence to gems.

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Sag Harbor Home

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