Bask traces the interplay of architecture, light and shadow

“I have long been inspired by the qualities of light and shadow in

general, and more specifically I’m fascinated by the way light

changes throughout the day and it’s power to impact interiors.” – Kelly Behun

Bask is one of two unique hand painted patterns created with guest designer Kelly Behun of Kelly Behun Studio. Each originates from a fascination with the way light changes throughout the day and year, exploring the hypnotic effect of sunlight’s interaction with the world around us.

Bask evokes the effect of bright sunlight bending through a slatted pergola. Inspired by warm and lazy days spent serenely beneath a trellis, we crafted a design that illustrates the remarkable quality light has as it filters through architecture, somehow both blurring and enhancing the edges and corners of things in a surreal and mesmerizing way.

At once timeless and fleeting, Bask captures light and shadow’s endless interplay.