An exploration of the ways of the mind

Inspired by the richness of our unconscious imaginings, Abstract explores the ways of the mind through the use of line, color, and shape. It’s synaptic patterns seek out the subconscious and find expression for that which goes beyond words.

Drawing on Calico Wallpaper Co-Founder Rachel’s training as an art therapist, the collection mobilizes Jungian dream-inspired motifs that capture the uninhibited state of raw creation. The result is a sophisticated subliminal composition filled with delicate gestures, bold forms, and overlapping color washes. 

Abstract invites you on a journey through introspective dreamscapes. Giving way to intuitive forms, it hints at that which exists below the surface. In abstraction, other truths can be found.

For more information on the collection or for project inquiries, please contact our Sales team at sales@calicowallpaper.com