September 20, 2023

9 Ombre Designs for a Soft Splash of Color

In BOH’s new series On Trend, we’re asking designers to share their favorite of-the-moment finds.

Equal parts colorful and ethereal, ombre palettes and patterns have proven their appeal, transcending trend status to become an enduring design option. In addition to bringing a medley of dreamy gradient tones to a room, these gently blended, graduating shades of the same hue can create a sense of rhythm and movement, whether they’re adorning accent pieces or an entire wall. “I love the flow that ombre creates,” designer Alex Alonso tells Business of Home. “It gives the eye a soft progression, and it allows you to be more playful with color in a space without being too dramatic or harsh in the transition.”

Intrigued, we asked Alonso and designers Christina Roughan and Katie Lydon to share their favorite of-the-moment ombre finds and how to employ them in a space.

Lydon has a knack for balancing classic and contemporary elements in a space. Originally from London, the New York–based designer is just as likely to incorporate an antique chandelier or a Louis XVI–style dining chair in a room as an acrylic console or modern work of art. The end result is a harmonious mix of old and new aesthetics that somehow manages to feel both fresh and timeless.

Calico Wallpaper has been doing ombre for years, and it is a wonderful way to introduce drama and style into any room. We used this wallpaper in a girl’s bedroom because it has just the right amount of color and cool factor for a teenager.”
Featured Collection: Aurora
The collection was developed following extensive research in the arts of fabric dyeing—drawing heavily from Shibori and Ombré techniques. Mineral pigments such as ultramarine and indigo are suspended in liquid and transferred by hand to organic linen.
Article by: Caroline Biggs